Faisal Gazi=Effendi?

Is Faisal Gazi “Effendi”? There writing style is exactly the same. Faisal loves to go by other names being known as Sid for a long time on PP

However he cant compare with Abu Faris and his numerous identities- khartoumi/MB Jefferies /man in the iron socks etc. Since he isnt an Arab and calls himself Abu Faris presumably he would be what a favourite racist Spittoon commentator posts as “Abu wanabe Arab”

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4 Responses to Faisal Gazi=Effendi?

  1. me says:

    This comment was censored by Faisal `Heresy is another word for freedom of speech`at Spitoon. Hopefully it will find refugee status on here


    I don’t care if you’re from Burkanu Fasu.

    It`s “Burkina Faso“, idiot and you clearly DO care as you wrote
    “And since Pakistanis like you are not going to criticise your brethren “

    But I see that you insist on calling them “Qadianis”, which is a derogatory term used by Pakistanis for Ahmadis.

    Yet you don’t mind using or defending the use of derogatory terms like ` Ìslamists` for those you disagree with, do you ?

    How hypocritical

    “You’re on record on this site for writing incredibly hateful comments againstBangladeshis,“

    No I`m not. I did not write those comments – you did.

    You have a habit of posting extremely hateful messages in the name of people who dare disagree with you,-(while writing articles on others` “morality bypass“!!!!) or deleting their posts or removing the vowels (which, being the blog owner, you can easily do).

    while simultaneously not allowing your opponents freedom of speech or allowing their `heresy“ (e.g. divergences from your opinions or sacred cows)

    I swear by Allah that I did not write those comments and may Allah curse me if I am lying. And the curse of Allah is on the liars.

    Wonder if you`ll have the morality to not delete or edit this post. I seriously doubt it.

    “A minor point but Qadianis arent Muslim.”
    That’s what all Jamaat-e-Islami say.

    No -there is absolute consensus amongst all Muslims, Sunni AND Shia, that Ahmedis ⁄ Qadianis are non-Muslim. Someone who doesn’t believe Prophet Muhammed (salAllahu alayhi wasalaam) was God`s last prophet is not a Muslim any more than someone who doesn’t believe God is one is.
    Perhaps we should ask Spitoon contributor Bananabrain whether he considers the analogous group `Jews for Jesus`to be followers of Judaism ? well ?


  2. Faisal al-East Pakistani says:

    Gazi now has ANOTHER, third ID. He’s writing as “Avicenna” . Naming himself after Ibn Sina the man who Imam al-Ghazali said it was WAJIB to consider a kafir. How appropriate!!!


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  4. Facile Wanabe Hindu says:

    Yes he is…you can tell from the fact that he is a complete fuckwit ….he doesnt even know the difference between Muhammad al Ghazali of the Ikhwan and Abu Hamid al Ghazali! As he says it’s because of too much alcohol!


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