Sunny Hundal on “Spittoon Watch”

This is what the editor of the excellent Pickled Politics Sunny Hundal said about our site

Sunny Says:
June 29th, 2010 at 12:55 am

me ā€“ why watch a blog no one reads?


Spittoon’s Faisal Gazi and bananabrain of course previously blogged for Pickled Politics. However they left to form Spittoon presumably because their anti-Muslim stance sat ill with PP’s noble defence of Muslims and opposition to Islamophobia.

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One Response to Sunny Hundal on “Spittoon Watch”

  1. Munafiq watch says:

    And regarding Sayeeda Warsi’s recent comments about islamophobia NON-MUSLIM Sunny is leaping to her defense while MUSLIM (guffaw) Faisal Gazi is attacking her and ,once again, siding with the Muslim haters!


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