The Two Faces of Faisal Gazi

Faisal Gazi criticises Maududi for opposing the creation of Pakistan. Yet this is deeply hypocritical since being a Bangladeshi nationalist Gazi also opposed the creation Pakistan and supported the ceding of Bangladesh from it.

Mr Gazi’s two faces are evident here: At Spittoon he condemns Muslims who criticize American imperialism as being “modernist, post-colonial Qutb-ism” while 1) proudly being a modernist when it comes to Islamic matters 2) Himself having indulged in US imperialism bashing here:

For example you forgotten to include in your sweeping surmise that the
USA (a Christian Democracy) has been involved in 42 wars and conflicts
in the last 40 years. This is a record of violence unbeaten by any
country, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever takes your

It may be that you do not wish to include the USA in your statistics
because you are not willing to bite the hand that feeds. I can only
congratulate you then on your caution.

Faisal Gazi

Oh please Mr. Kaushik Sharma, spare us
the ranting of this crazed obsessive-compulsive. V S Naipaul was a
perfectly good author who suddenly became a professional anti-Muslim
hack and put out 2 books in succession about Islam – his pet hate.
(‘Beyond Belief’ and ‘Among the Believers’)

I’m sure that his books will resonate with many an Islam-basher on this
But bear in mind that following his second anti-Muslim clever-clever
visceral diatribe (Among the Believers), Edward Said commented that the
book signified a writer going through an “Emotional and Intellectual
breakdown”. That shows just how far-gone was Naipaul’s foaming-at-mouth
hatred of Islam.

Naipaul was recently awarded a Nobel Prize for Literature – and I’m sure
it was more to do with the content of these 2 pieces of pseudo-journo
hack, rather than his other sublime novels which include: ‘A House for
Mr Biswas’, ‘The Mystic Masseur’ and ‘In a free State’. Since the
Nobel-Prize was awarded following the anti-Islam hysteria following 9/11
– Naipaul was probably a good choice to award the prize to, in spite of
there being better and more deserving writers.

V S Naipaul has a lot to answer for.


Appears according to his own definition Mr Gazi is an “Islamist” !

NB: Some criticism of Maududi from the traditional ulema

Since Maududi criticises the Prophets of God one is suprised Spittoon doesnt support him -since they support the Prophets of God being mocked on shows like South Park

Original Spittoon article

The Two Faces of Maududi

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