Spittoon’s Anti-Semitism

Despite its claim to be progressive and anti-prejudice Spittoon is the home of some shocking anti-semitism. Check out this post which has been allowed to stand, undeleted:

Uncle Daud

Posted June 21, 2010 at 11:14 AM | Permalink

I’ll bet my dinner money that half of the members of the Hizbut Tahrir Bangladesh would sell their dad’s property and their mothers’ family jewellry to come and live in the Jewish west without a second thought.


The Jewish west!!?!!! This is the stuff of the far right.

And Jews arent the only semites that Spittoon attacks. Look at the racist moniker of regular Spitoon commentator/poster “Abu Wanabee Arab”

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2 Responses to Spittoon’s Anti-Semitism

  1. Tony says:

    They’ve continued with their overt anti-semitism with an article about how Jews have got loads of power.

    Jews, Muslims & Power

    Also they deleted this post attacking their bigotry:

    “This article is itself anti-Semitic as it implies Jews have some massive control over western societies and also ignores the numerous Jewish anti-Muslim extremists such as the promoters of the modern protocols “Eurabia””


  2. Token Jew says:

    Thank you for alerting me to this. I am deeply offended.


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