The Kufr of Spittoon (part 1)

The Spittoon published an article “What is the Quran?” (which are NOT going to link to) questioning whether the Quran was of divine origin.

1 The veracity of all that is contained in the Qur’an. (SIHHAT KULLI MA FI AL-QUR’AN)

Anyone who denies one single ruling or account stated in the Qur’an, or who denies something the Qur’an establishes as true, or who establishes as true something which the Qur’an denies, or professes doubt in any of the above: he is an apostate and disbeliever by Consensus.


– Ibn Hazm: Maratib al-ijma` fi al`ibadat wa al-mu`amalat wa al-i`tiqadat (The ordinances of Consensus in acts of worship, human transactions, and doctrinal beliefs) (Maktabat al-`qudsi, 1358 H) p. 174-175.

– Nawawi: al-Majmu` sharh al-muhadhdhab (The Compendium: Commentary on Abu Ishaq al-Shirazi’s The rarefaction: on the jurisprudence of Imam Shafi`i) (Cairo: Matba`at al-`asima) 2:185.

5. Tampering with the Qur’an. (TAHRIF AL-QUR’AN)

Anyone who adds one letter to the Qur’an other than the narrated recitations which are universally preserved and transmitted, or who subtracts from the Qur’an one letter, or exchanges one of its letters with another; and to whom has been shown the proof that the letter he added or the change he has effected is not of the Qur’an, or that the letter he subtracted is of the Qur’an; and yet he continues deliberately in doing any of the above, in full knowledge that it is contrary to what is done by the Muslims: such a person is an apostate and disbeliever by Consensus.


– Nawawi: al-Majmu` sharh al-muhadhdhab 2:185, 3:292; Sharh Sahih Muslim 4:100.

– Ibn Hazm: Maratib al-ijma` p. 174.

– Ibn Hazm: al-Muhalla (The embellished) (ed. Harras, Cairo: Matba`at al-imam) p. 446.

– Shawkani: Nayl al-awtar 2:201.

6. Rejecting one letter from the Qur’an (JUHUD HARF MIN AL-QUR’AN)

There is Consensus that whoever knowingly rejects one letter from the Qur’an upon the inclusion of which there is agreement is an apostate and disbeliever.


– Nawawi, al-Majmu` 2:185.

Consensus concerning some issues related to the
Qur’an by Sh. G. F. Haddad

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