Caption Competition

Yes its our first Spitoonwatch caption competition ! The subject is, who else, but Spittoon fuhrer Faisal Gazi/Sid/Effendi. Winner gets our admiration and the chance to annoy the ______ at Spittoon.

(c) Telegraph

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7 Responses to Caption Competition

  1. “I’m Bangladeshi… no I’m British… I’m an apostate…. no I’m a Muslim…..I’m I’m straight…… I’m a man….. no I’m a woman…..ohhh…. it’s soooooo confusing”


  2. Abu Fasiq says:

    The ugly face of Islam


  3. Abu Wanabee Arab says:

    The ugly face of kufr and nifaq more like.


  4. Abu Fasiq says:

    Wow Abu Wanabee welcome to SW . What brings you here?


  5. Abu Wanabee Arab says:

    AF Im sick of the Wanabee Arabs at Spittoon. Look at “Faisal Gazi”. He’s a Bengali supremacist with two ARAB names . He should change his name to something more authentically Bengali such as Boga Banchod. That is after all what people call him behind his back.

    Same with Houriya Ahmed. Arab name.

    The worst one is Mark MB Jefferies. He’s a white guy who calls himself ‘Abu Faris’!!


  6. Facile Wanabee Hindu says:

    Gazi is daydreaming… he’s thinking (adopts accent) :
    “If only I could go back in time I would stop Shah Jalal and his men coming to Bengal. Then we could all stay as Hindus, as I wish we were, instead of being born Muslim. Hai Ram ! I mean Hooray!”


  7. abdul says:

    ugly kafir


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