Smile like you mean it…

We’re back! Did you miss us ?..and what’s this ANOTHER caption competiton? Spittoon Watch you are spoiling us! This was too good to refuse. Thanks to SW reader “S” for sending this in.
Comments please and remember… “Heresy is another name for freedom of thought” and “Freedom of Speech. All must be free to speak their minds”

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11 Responses to Smile like you mean it…

  1. Abu Wanabee Arab says:

    Wow amazing photo . Is this that new group “The Council of Ex-Muslims” ?


  2. Faisal al-East Pakistani says:

    God is that Gazi second from right? He is so ugly I’m gonna throw up . Bleurgh!


  3. Faisal ibn 1971pakistanisoldier says:

    But who is that on his right …his wife ? She’s fit !!!!!

    Do spittoon only employ ugly people? Houriya Ahmed looks like a one woman argument for compulsory face veiling. Yuck!


  4. Abu Faris says:

    “But who is that on his right …his wife ? She’s fit !!!!!”

    They’ve kept Mr M well away from her. Wise move if the HT rumors are true !!!!


  5. qidniz says:

    Isn’t that Rashid “The Mujtahid” Ali in the England shirt?

    You should have a separate photo of him and Faisal Gazi. Then you could have the caption:

    “The Mujtahid and the Munafiq Midget!”


  6. Abu Wanabee Arab says:

    Gazi’s latest post is one attacking Islam from an anti-Islam website.

    If anyone had any doubt that this ugly midget is a kafir …..

    Faisal al Pakistani yes that is the ugliness that comes from nifaq and sinfulness

    By the way are the rumors about Gazi and his wife true ?


  7. Abu Faris says:

    Abu wannabe Arab
    “by the way are the rumors about Gazi and his wife true?”

    LOL you heard too? yep they are true !


  8. dawud says:

    “ve….ve are moderate Muslims. So only one lager each please good sir”


  9. bananabrain says:

    are these from left to right the various stages of faisal gazis sex-change operation ?


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