Spoof Advert

Job Vacancy

Are you a munafiq,an apostate, a disillusioned convert or someone born into a Muslim family who hates it and Islam ?

Come and write for the Shittoon!.. you’ll be well rewarded, in this world at least, and can be as bigoted and hateful as you like…cos you have a Muslim name after all !!

A once-in-a-dunya chance for self-hating Muslims!
Absolutely zero talent or qualifications necessary..other than hatred for Islam and (religious) Muslims!

NB This offer does not apply to other religions such as Judaism or Hinduism.
In these cases you must fully believe in your religion and never be willing to criticise any of your co-religionists or religious sanctities.

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3 Responses to Spoof Advert

  1. Abdullah ibn Ubayy says:

    Sounds perfect….where do I sign up?


  2. Iblis says:

    I wish to make it clear that although I inspire much of their content even I would never work for the Spittoon. I do have my standards you know!


  3. Been Ali says:

    Ha ha the munafiqeen at Spittoon are in total panic and despondency at the fall of the secular idol dictatorship they backed in Tunisia ! They are even justifying the Algerian military dictatorship overturning the 1992 democratic elections!!!!


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