The 1971 genocide in East Pakistan

In 1971 the racist Bengali supremacist organisation the Awami League carried out a genocide of non-Bengalis in East Pakistan. Arguably the worst crime since the Nazis. Yet shockingly to this day Awami League supporters are allowed to travel to the west and raise funds.

Blood and Tears

For the first time, the pathetic, grisly and untold story of the massacre of more than half a million non-Bengalis and pro-Pakistan Bengalis by the Awami League-led insurgents in East Pakistan (breakaway Bangladesh) in March-April, 1971, is bared in “BLOOD AND TEARS”. The details of the genocide waged by the rebels in those murderous months were concealed from the people of West Pakistan by the then federal government to prevent reprisals against the local Bengalis and also not to wreck the prospects of a negotiated settlement with the Awami League. The danger of such a reprisal has now been eliminated by the repatriation to Bangladesh from Pakistan of all the Bengalis who wished to go there. The 170 eye-witnesses, whose tragic accounts of their splintered and trauma-stricken lives are contained in this book, were picked from amongst nearly 5000 families repatriated to Pakistan from Bangladesh between the autumn of 1973 and the spring of 1974. Although they hail from 55 towns of East Pakistan, their narratives and the published dispatches of foreign newsmen quoted in this book, cover 110 places where the slaughter of the innocents took place. The majority of eyewitnesses consist of the parents who saw their children slam, the wives who were forced by the rebels to witness the murder of their husbands, the girls who were ravished and the rare escapees from the rebel-operated human slaughterhouses. While the focus in “Blood and Tears” is on the rebels’ atrocities in the infernal March-April, 1971, period, the brutality of the Indian-trained Bengali guerrilla force, the Mukti Bahini, after India’s armed grab of East Pakistan on December 17th 1971, is also recounted, though in less detail. The book highlights the courage and heroism of many Bengalis who saved their non-Bengali friends from the fire and fury of the bloodthirsty insurgents.

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2 Responses to The 1971 genocide in East Pakistan

  1. expatBangladeshinationalist,TowerHamlets says:

    This article is wacist! How dare you insult my beloved Sonar Bengal which I spent years trying to escape and get out of to live in a civilized country!


  2. bananabrain says:

    this is shocking. the worst genocide since the holocaust. the awami league are like nazis in their belief in the superiority of the bengali race. and those poor enslaved gentile bihari women-
    “blessed art thou, o g-d, for not making me a gentile, a slave, or a woman .”


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