Awami League Terror Legacy – New Generation of Awami terror godfathers are in the making

Awami League (AL) is oldest political party in Bangladesh. Since, independence AL ruled the country three times, 1972 – 1975, 1996-2001, 2009-present. But record and legacy of AL as a political and a ruling party in Bangladesh has been marred with misrule, instigation of one party rule BAKSAL, repression and terror.

Post independence generation (1972-75) vividly remembers then AL govt led by Sheikh Mujib rolled out repression both through govt operated Rakkhi bahini and through AL party terror. Thousands of Bangladesh Samjtrantik dal (JSD) members were tortured and killed by Rakkhi bahini and AL party man. Looting, killing and raping reached to medieval proportion. After Siraj Sikdar was killed by police, a popular communist leader who vocally opposed AL and Sheikh Mujib mis-rule, AL PM Sheikh Mujib openly boasted in the floor of National Parliament “where is Siraj Sikdar now?” And Sheikh Mujib son went to loot vault of Bangladesh central bank. On those years there were number of terror god fathers operated under Sheikh Kamal, Sheikh Jamal, son of Sheikh Mujib and brothers of current PM Sheikh Hasina.

During 1996-2001, AL produced new generation of terror godfathers – Jainal Hazari, Shamim Osman had been most terrorizing figure during that time. Even after numerous killing and torture (including journalist) by Hazari and his terror militia called class committee then Prime minister Sheikh Hasina asked people in media to vote for Hazari. HMB Iqbal another Awami terror godfather killed protesters in the street Dhaka. It is important to know that after AL lost in election in 2001, india knowing terror background of these AL godfathers sheltered them for many years.

And today new generation of Bangladeshis (who claimed to vote for Awami League) are witnessing new generation of Awami terror god fathers. AL own activist has lost his life in the hand of AL Bhola -3 MP Nurunnabi Chowdhury Shaon and/or his associates. Police already confirmed deceased Ibrahim Ahmed killed by Shaon pistol. Another AL MP from Jossore, Sheikh Afil Uddin beaten up officer in charge (OC) because police arrested AL member in a murder case. By now every person in the country one way or another suffered from Chatra League, student wing of Awami League terror. Innocent students have been killed by Chatra League and fallen victim of Chatra League terror every day.

As legacy of Awami League terror continues, nation has to decide if they want to brace for more terror from Awami godfather like Shaon, Afil Uddin and Elias Uddin or face them?

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