The End of a Khariji….

Oh look its Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the khariji leader of ‘Bangladesh’ .
Captions please…

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8 Responses to The End of a Khariji….

  1. expatBangladeshinationalist, Tower Hamlets says:

    How DARE you insult Bongobondhu!!! He is our leader!!!
    He was brutally murdered by the evil Islamist Pakistani army!! What’s that you say….what do you mean…..he was murdered by secularist Bangladeshi soldiers!?!….oh…….


  2. Bangladeshi Historian says:

    This picture proves what we have been saying all along! Look carefully at the photo and you can clearly see the 34 million Bangladeshis murdered in the 1971 genocide by Pakistani forces as well as the 11.5 million Bangladeshi women they raped!


  3. Abu Faris says:

    Apparently during the 1971 “genocide” (guffaw) the entire Bangladeshi intelligensia was wiped out by the Pakistani army…..and 10 minutes later when they had done that they returned to barracks … Lol


  4. bananabrain says:

    to imply as faisal gazi does that the 1971 war was a genocide is deeply anti semitic as it detracts from the uniqueness of the holocaust and the suffering of the jewish people. spittoon is a very anti semitic website.


  5. dawud says:

    He’s not a khariji he’s a hero and freedom fighter!

    Remember the Spittoon/Harrys Place/munafiq rule : if Muslims or non-Muslims seek independence from Muslim rule they are freedom fighters whose just cause must be supported by all right thinking people;but if Muslims seek independence from non-Muslim occupation and rule they are terrorists and extremists and must be stopped !

    It’s known as the “Faisal Gazi doctrine”!


  6. Abu Faris says:

    Funny that Gazi condemns the Pakistanis for the support given by some to the assassin of Salman Taseer- his people ELECTED the assassins of their “country’s” founder!!!!


  7. Facile Wanabee Hindu says:

    The murderers of Bongobondhu disrespected him even in death. They shot him in the stomach. If they had shot him in the head he would have died as a red dot headed person as he and other Hinduism loving East Pakistanis lived their life!


  8. Nina Ahmed says:

    Wow some idiots really can’t separate their hate for a dictator, from their unreasonable racist disrespect for a nation. May whatever greater power you believe in, guide you free from your single-minded bias. Bangladesh forgives you. No biggie. PEACE.



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