Liberty, if it means anything…

Another caption competition this time featuring TWO pictures…of Spittoon honchos and Islamophobes, obsessive Muslim-hater David Toube and Peter Tatchell. Comments please and remember to mention which picture you’re commenting on.

Picture A)

Picture B)

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18 Responses to Liberty, if it means anything…

  1. Abu Munafiq says:

    ‘Spittoon honchos’ and ‘Islamophobes’ …isn’t that a tautology?


  2. expatBangladeshinationalist, Tower Hamlets says:

    A) Why is Toube smiling and looking so happy ?
    He must be watching a video of Muslims being slaughtered or oppressed


  3. Abu Iblis al-Spitooni says:

    From the expression on his face it looks like Gazi’s giving him head in picture B)


  4. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Peter Tatchell looks upset. He’s mourning the killing of gays in Iran. He’s really sad because apparently they were really well hung.


  5. Abu Wanabe that is out of order. Please keep comments civil.


  6. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Abu Iblis al-Spitooni
    “From the expression on his face it looks like Gazi’s giving him head in picture B”

    Brings a whole new meaning to the name “Lucy Lips” !


  7. Abu Faris says:

    We are a couple of middle class White males …but actually WE are the demonised and hated minority and it’s perfectly acceptable for us to whip up hatred of the mainly poor and non-White Uk Muslim minority!


  8. dawud says:

    Toube ” it’s perfectly right and understandable that gay people are concerned by what happens to homosexuals abroad as you are Peter”

    Tatchell ” yes David and it’s right and proper that Jews such as yourself lobby for your co- religionists abroad”

    Together ” but if Moslems do the same they are Islamist extremists and must be banned ,condemned and stopped. But …..We need to find a lackey with a Muslim name to say this stuff for us”

    Faisal Gazi “labbayk my masters! You called?”


  9. dawud says:

    Actually Abu Faris is on HP justifying the genocide of Muslims “you can’t commit genocide against a religious group” so he”ll probably replace Gazi as Muslim haters self-hating Muslim du jour


  10. Abu iblis as Spitooni says:

    David T : Peter your accent is unusual ,where’s it from?

    Peter: from Australia. I just stepped off the plane but because I’m White and non-Muslim I’ll be accepted while thanks to the hatred of Muslims sites like yours spew out , British women in hijab whose great-grandfathers came to this country will be abused and spat at in the street.

    David T: hahahahahahahahaha


  11. Abu Iblis David T doesnt stir up hatred of Muslims. Its not as if he goes to right-wing anti-Muslim newspapers with stories designed to do so

    or if he spends his spare time invading meetings to harangue Muslims for the “crime” of fighting against genocide

    If he did then your arguments would carry some weight


  12. bananabrain says:

    it is a condition for spittoon caption competitions that non muslims are never mocked, only muslims. thus this site is no longer spittoon watch and is not kosher.


    banana brain


  13. Faisal al-East Pakistani says:

    David T ” I stand for equal rights for all in the UK while uncritically supporting a foreign racist state which gives me , a British Jew, more rights than a Palestinian Muslim or Christian whose family has been there for millennia. In fact I could go tommorow and steal their house and kick them and their family out on the street. Anyway ” equal rights for all” ………” unite against Muslims….. er I mean “Islamists””


  14. dawud says:

    David T “Why are you here Peter?”

    Tatchell “Like you Im here to protest against the Muslim community; they are the last repository of homophobia left in this country”

    David T” But if you look at homophobic attacks they are almost exclusively carried out by non-Muslims. Take this for example

    Tatchell ” True…but thanks to media folk like you Muslims are a much easier why let things like facts get in the way?”

    David T “Why indeed. LOL”


  15. qidniz says:

    David T “Today is Holocaust Memorial Day when we remember how the Muslim German Nazi regime killed millions of Jews and Homosexuals”

    Peter “Er…David surely the Nazis were Christians not Muslims”

    David T “That is propoganda put about by dhimmis and Islamofascists!. Hitler was actually a philo-semite training to be a Rabbi until he met the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the real architect of the holocaust, who changed him then secretly ordered him to do what he did”

    Peter” Wow the Muslims should be ashamed of themselves!”

    David T “They need to understand, as I do, what its like to be a victim of genocide…and with the hatred that people like me spew against them day in day out in the media …they soon will know directly!”


  16. Fasiq Gazi says:

    If Israel exterminated every last Palestinian , sent nukes against it’s neighbors killing and poisoning millions and wiping whole peoples out of existence the lead story on Harrys Place would be attacking a magazine in Argentina for suggesting Israel had gone too far.


  17. Moderate Jew says:

    Mr Toube is considered an extremist by many moderates in the Jewish community. Please do not judge our whole community by extremist individuals or the terrorist actions of the Israeli state. Judaism means ‘Peace’.

    Here is an example of such condemnation:

    David Toube of Harry’s Place, liar, racist, buffoon and turncoat


  18. Whoreya Hamhead says:

    David Pube: ‘ I ain’t an extremist Muslim hater. Some of my best friends are ugly Bengali midget self-hating apostate Muslims!’


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