Faisal Gazi’s hatred for Islam

Everyone loves the Sufis. They are the spiritual, peaceful side of Islam. Maulana Rumi (may God sanctify his secret) is the best selling poet in America. Even the absurd Jai of Pickled Politics writes articles in praise of them. Everyone loves the Sufis.

Except of course arch-Islam and Muslim hater Faisal Gazi. This is Gazi on Sheikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller , perhaps the foremost Sufi sheikh in the western world:

It’s depressing, but characteristic, to see how these women who have
most likely been seriously abused by the Nuh Ha Mim Keller cult should
be ones in the wrong for leaving Islam.
Whereas the bullies, freaks and perverts who populate this cult (and
indeed any such cult) are excused for any amount of physical and
psychological damage they inflict on their fellow-adherents in the
name of Islam


But no such damnation is passed to the perpetrators of the
psychological and sexual abuse of credulous murids that goes on in
cults like Keller’s. Often at the hands of “scholars”

I hate religious cults which degenerate into misogynistic, sexually
and psychologically abusive religious Ponzi-schemes.

Eveything with “Sufi” on the tin isn’t real sufism. Real sufis warn
people of charlatans and occultists like the Keller cult.

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