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The End of a Khariji….

Oh look its Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the khariji leader of ‘Bangladesh’ . Captions please…

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‘Bangladeshi’ Rape and Abduction of Jumma Women

The inevitable result of the creation of a racial supremacist state: ‘This 13 years old Chakma girl was gang raped by the members of the Bangladesh Army on 19 December 1986. About 20 personnel of the Bangladesh Army from the … Continue reading

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Awami League Brutality: Digital Rape in Analog Bangladesh

Digital Rape in Analog Bangladesh Shimul Chaudhury However, some secondary school going girls of the district of Pirojpur and other places of the country have recently had the taste of ‘digital Bangladesh’, as some of them were raped and digitalized … Continue reading

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Awami League Terror Legacy – New Generation of Awami terror godfathers are in the making

Awami League (AL) is oldest political party in Bangladesh. Since, independence AL ruled the country three times, 1972 – 1975, 1996-2001, 2009-present. But record and legacy of AL as a political and a ruling party in Bangladesh has been marred … Continue reading

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Faisal Gazi vs the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)

As editor of Spittoon Faisal Gazi allows the worst possible insults and mockery against the beloved Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) to be published in the main section and the comments section of his website. Further proof, … Continue reading

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The 1971 genocide in East Pakistan

In 1971 the racist Bengali supremacist organisation the Awami League carried out a genocide of non-Bengalis in East Pakistan. Arguably the worst crime since the Nazis. Yet shockingly to this day Awami League supporters are allowed to travel to the … Continue reading

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Spoof Advert

Job Vacancy Are you a munafiq,an apostate, a disillusioned convert or someone born into a Muslim family who hates it and Islam ? Come and write for the Shittoon!.. you’ll be well rewarded, in this world at least, and can … Continue reading

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