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If the cap fits…

Gazi is still in town, and so is the ridicule. You remember how this works, right? Captions in the comments box below, and Kafirists start frothing at the mouth. Take beer!

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All may speak their minds…

Another caption competition featuring you-know-who and his master’s voice David Toube of Harrys Place

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Sunny Hundal pwns Faisal Gazi

A brilliant take down of Mr Gassy and his hypocrisy here: Sunny — on 17th February, 2010 at 2:23 pm ‘This is reductive binary politics for ten year olds.’ Oh look – Faisal the smear-merchant is trolling again. Why don’t … Continue reading

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Neo-Con Mark Steyn on Faisal Gazi

In what will no doubt break his heart, his neo-con hero Mark Steyn has some scathing words about Spittoon’s head: Pre-emptive self-fatwa TUESDAY, 14 APRIL 2009 Much of the discussion on free speech in Lights Out circles back to the … Continue reading

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We’re on Facebook!

First Tunisia, then The Spittoon! Tyrannies who refuse to allow dissenting opinions are quaking from the Facebook revolution! You can join our group here: Spittoon Watch EDIT: Suprise, suprise Facebook have first time round removed the group. Wonder who … Continue reading

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Faisal Gazi: From anti-American extremist to neo-con pimp

Faisal Gazi was born in East Pakistan and brought up in Liverpool, Dhaka and London. According to his own account Gazi has a background on the left. He says he was ‘politicised’ at Leeds University after ‘coming into contact with … Continue reading

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