All may speak their minds…

Another caption competition featuring you-know-who and his master’s voice David Toube of Harrys Place

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6 Responses to All may speak their minds…

  1. Lg says:

    Dissapointing turnout at the latest EDL demo..


  2. Arab Muslim says:

    Two anti-Arab bigots who allow someone with the racist name “Abu Wanabe Arab” to write articles for their blogs and who oppose the Arab people having freedom ,free speech and democracy !


  3. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    “stand here for the queue for Abu Faris’ wife!”


  4. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    From the expression on his face Toube looks like he is taking a sh*t … and next to him looks like the result ! wrapped in a cloth and holding a sign!


  5. Abu consider this your first warning


  6. Fasiq Gazi says:

    The arch hypocrite Faisal Gazi campaigns to get the niqab banned but here he is covering HIS face ….having said that he’s such an ugly kafir it’s actually a relief!


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