If the cap fits…

Gazi is still in town, and so is the ridicule. You remember how this works, right? Captions in the comments box below, and Kafirists start frothing at the mouth.

Take beer!

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8 Responses to If the cap fits…

  1. Faisal Gazi bin Pakistani soldier says:

    Stand here for the queue for my mum!


  2. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Hey I know I’m an ugly midget beggardeshi freshie but if I put on this hat someone might think I’m British!


  3. Abu Faris says:

    Are the people beside him telling us how they react when they read his articles ? Most of their signs say “laugh”


  4. qidniz says:

    “yeah I’m wearing this poppy to remember the brave British soldiers in WWII …yes I know they confiscated rice from Bengal causing mass genocidal starvation …but I forgive them cos they are my non-Muslim brothers!”


  5. qidniz says:

    The woman in the green hat has a sign saying “debate” and there are alot of them so you could say it’s a mass debate … Appropriate as Faisal Gazi is a complete wanker!


  6. dawud says:

    “Fashion police … You’re under arrest!”


  7. hijabi says:

    Faisal Gazi’s face is yet more proof that kufr and nifaq are very very bad for your health…..


  8. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    “Oh shit the deportation police are here to take me away again. Quick Kulvinder give me a cloth cap and some of that whitening cream so they think I’m British!”


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