Spittoon’s harrasment and intolerance of opponents:threats against Powerbase

As you may know the site Powerbase published a devastating critique of Spittoon and its exremism here:


So how did the Spittoon, the site that claims ‘Heresy is another name for freedom of thought’ and Faisal Gazi the ‘man’ who publicly declared ‘Free Speech will dominate the World: All may speak their minds’ react to Powerbase speaking their mind and exercising freedom of speech against them?

Well of course since they claim to support free speech and letting all speak their minds one would expect they would have heartily welcomed it ….except…

Read on and don’t be the least bit suprised at their duplicity….

‘It has also exposed The Spittoon, a McCarthyite operation run by members of Centre for Social Cohesion in collaboration, for a while at least, with members of the government funded Quilliam Foundation.[25] This expose was not well-received by the interests behind The Spittoon. The website first tried to intimidate the Powerbase researcher who had made the discovery with threatening emails, followed by a smear campaign, which was coordinated with an allied attack blog, Harry’s Place.[26] Shortly afterwards a similar smear campaign was also directed against the founder of Powerbase. Several neoconservative operators have also tried to use legal threats to shut Powerbase down. In June 2010, Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens of the Centre for Social Cohesion, a frequent contributor to The Spittoon, successfully pressured Powerbase’s British domain name registrar to temporarily shut down the website.[27]’


Spittoon: Total Hypocrites!

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