Save oppressed woman from Spittoon’s misogyny!

The Spittoon loves to flaunt its progressive credentials. However as we know, from the devastating Powerbase profile they tried to ban and elsewhere, it is in fact a deeply reactionary, far right blog.

Its racism against Whites and Arabs has already been documented.

Likewise its anti-Jewish rhetoric. The zionist blog Harrys Place recently said

‘The biggest conspiracy theory of our time is the myth of Jewish power. The story of the all-powerful “Jewish lobby” is a current manifestation of this. Jews are the only minority to whom this mythical power is attributed. It is the identifying mark of anti-Semitism; it is what makes anti-Semitism unique among racisms.’

Yet this is precisely what the anti-semites at Spittoon do: Jews, Muslims and Power

Nowhere is their far right bigotry more manifest than in their attitude to women. They employ a misognist Jewish
extremist bananabrain who every morning recites the following misogynist, racist prayer

‘Thank you G-d for not making me a Gentile, a woman or a slave.’

Likewise Spittoon’s sole female employee is Houriya Ahmed. Yet she rarely is ever is allowed to write for them.

So in order to help liberate her we’ve made Houriya the subject of our latest caption competion.

This one’s for you sista! Oppose Spittoon maleist opression!

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8 Responses to Save oppressed woman from Spittoon’s misogyny!

  1. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    She actually looks OK in this pic. Maybe Gazi has stopped beating her with the ugly stick (metaphorically speaking that is)


  2. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    “Yeah darling it’s £20 for oral, £50 for full and extra if you want to take me up the Douglas Murray”


  3. Abu Fasiq al-Islamicstatee says:

    Houriya is a typical 2nd generation Asian girl who, in response to sexism she faced growing up because of Asian culture, turned into a rabid man-hating feminist. Her responses to Abdurrahman Jafar and their conversation on the caption competition mocking him are hilarious and illustrates this point perfectly:


    Why did you send me a friend request on facebook?

    After revealing your politics, insulting a respectable man’s relationship with his wife (how dare you – have you no shame?), and insulting all of us who write on the Spittoon for supposedly not having proper jobs and receiving PVE money (when all your friends are proud to receive it), do you honestly think that I would accept your friend request? Do you also expect me to believe that you genuinely want to be my facebook buddy? Get this straight, I have NO interest in associating with someone as hypocritical and disrespectful as you.


    “I gave you the benefit of doubt in assuming you may be a normal individual who was somehow persuaded to adopt a neo-conservative/facist world-view that seems to dominate Spitoon. But your response suggests otherwise.”

    Normal? May I ask what gives you the authority to decide who is now ‘normal’ and who is not?

    Persuaded to adopt neo-conservative/fascist world view? Can you please pin point exactly how my comment to you, and how any of my blog posts here or any other writings are neo-conservative and fascist? That is assuming you do actually understand what neo-conservatism is, if you do not, then please read up on it first from an academic journal or other reputable source, not wikipedia. Can you also please provide exact examples how ‘neo-conservative/fascists’ views dominate the Spittoon? But again, first do a quick read up on neo-conservative and fascism. Is there a dummy guide to these concepts?

    “I stated that I could not understand how “those with proper careers”, i.e. who are not paid propagandists, could carry neo-conservative Islamophobic views. Your response suggests you are paid to promote such views and not only you but “all of us who write on the Spittoon”.”

    Huh? I actually said – “insulting all of us who write on the Spittoon for supposedly not having proper jobs and receiving PVE money (when all your friends are proud to receive it)” – they key word here is supposedly. Please explain to me how you came to conclude from my response to you, with evidence, how any one of us who write on the Spittoon are paid to promote ‘such’ views, whatever those ‘such’ views are?

    “Tell us normal people?” you say. I write on the Spittoon in a personal capacity. I do not write on the Spittoon to defend the views of those whom I work for or anyone else for that matter. If you are so concerned about Douglas Murray’s views, the work that the Centre for Social Cohesion does, then please direct your questions to, or debate him your self. But I have to reiterate again, what gives you the authority to divide people into ‘normal’ or ‘abnormal’ categories?

    Do you regard those who criticise Islamism, whether it be on this blog or other, as islamophobes, a serious accusation to throw around without a shred of evidence? What about Muslims who criticise Islamism (btw I regard Islamism as a fascist ideology), are they also islamophobes?

    “Houraiya Ahmed are you an Ahmadi? I note the ease with which contributors here label those that don’t agree with them as hypocrites.” Huh? I called you a hypocrite because you use as ammunition for critique, whenever anyone here criticises Islamism and criticises you or your friends, OH they MUST be getting PVE money – to paraphrase. That is hypocrisy to me. None of us who write here get any sort of government money whatsoever, not that it should matter in the first place, seeing that your friends get it, right? And how on earth does it matter whether I am Ahmadi or not? Oh because according to you Ahmadi’s supposedly have neoconservative views? Two things, how are MY views neoconservative and how prejudiced! Funny really, that the only way you think you can box me up into a neat little explanation of why I am the way I am must be because I am Ahmadi! How absurd. Human beings are actually quite complicated Jafar. Please keep guessing.

    Jafar, if you were so concerned and curious about my normality, then why would you add me on facebook to figure it out? Could you not ask me questions directly, with an open mind? You have my email address, provided on this site. You could read my blog posts which is actually better than facebook since it actually shows what I think. And do not claim that you have been asking questions now, because your questions are riddled with absurd assumptions about me.

    Also, why have you not apologised for insulting another man’s wife in your futile attempts to ‘expose’ Shikwa? So distasteful. Do you think that is something a decent man, as one would assume you are, should be saying? Why are you not apologising?

    Looking forward to your response.

    Houriya – how many Muslims have you bumped into someone who said “hmmm I think people of our religion should be prevented from having any rights”. Zero. How many black people would you find working for the BNP – equivalent to Houriya working for Douglas Murry. Zero. You are about as abnormal, heartless and insincere as anyone can get.
    This site is incredible, almost every point made is internally inconsistent.
    Raziq you say my linking Houriya with neo-con Douglas Murray is pathetic – why? Would you have someone from the BNP or NF on your editorial team. Then you say I follow Maudaudi – what planet are you on? What made you think that? The nature of you narrow minded bigots clothing yourselves as defenders against “Islamism” (which is a far more vague definition then neo-con) is repulsive.
    My experience of neo-conism is that it is Zionism clothed as Western liberal politics and singularly dedicated to justifying Israel’s actions indirectly by dehumanising their victims as “Islamist terrorists”. Hence the plethora of well funded organisations who condemn “Islamism” – didn’t Quilliam get £3 million from Govt not £1 million – comeon – everyone want to know – tell us Shika and Abu. What about all the blood money it got from Arab dictators? Thats’ why I don’t regard Muslims working in the “anti-Islamism” industry as having proper jobs – they don’t, in the words of one Spitoon commentator they are prostituting themselves for blood money.


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  7. Douglass Murray's Bimbo says:

    a nasty ugly looking bimbo whose ugliness is only exceeded by her ignorance of any basic tenents of Islam.


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