Spittoon’s Houriya Ahmed: a sister for non-violent extremism

Spittoon’s Houriya Ahmed is the blog sole female employee (so much for equal rights).
However their misogny goes further: she rarely ever writes for them. indeed one wonders what she does -presumably make Faisal Gazi tea and iron his shirts.

She is also, suprise suprise,a radical anti-Muslim extremist who worked for the extreme Muslim hater Douglas Murray at the CSC.

Al Jazeera hosts an extremist

Houriya Ahmed, editor of the McCarthyite ‘The Spittoon’ on Al Jazeera

The July 7 attacks in London were a terrible tragedy and an unpardonable crime. They were also preventable. The Joint Intelligence Committee had warned in 2002 that the immoral and unprovoked war against Iraq would heighten the risk of a terrorist blowback. It was for this reason that John Pilger described the attacks as ‘Blair’s bombs‘. It is a serious subject, and deserves serious treatment. But instead Al Jazeera gave the platform to an execrable smear merchant from the neoconservative think tank Centre for Social Cohesion. CSC is known for its ‘relentless islamophobia’ which has ‘spread poison and whipped up anti-Muslim paranoia at every turn’. But Houriya Ahmed, who represented CSC on Al Jazeera, has taken it further. She runs a McCarthyite project called the The Spittoon along with some colleagues from CSC, some members of the notoriously Islamophobic Harry’s Place, and members of the ‘ex-extremist’ Quilliam Foundation. They use the cover of anonymity to defame Muslims and supporters of Palestinian rights from a revisionist Zionist perspective. The Spittoon is essentially a front for Harry’s Place (much of its content is crossposted from HP), whose list of targets include such notorious ‘Islamists’ and ‘anti-Semites’ as Amnesty International, Tony Judt, Noam Chomsky, Ken Loach, Tariq Ramadan, Caryl Churchill, the London Review of Books, Howard Zinn, Mehdi Hasan to name just a few. Meanwhile Ahmed’s colleague Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens (son of Christopher) — who has made a swift ascent in the neoconservative firmament trying to establish himself as a ‘terror expert’ — is at present spearheading an assault on journalism in Britain.

Ahmed’s own fidelity to truth is revealed in one illustrative post on The Spittoon. After praising the courage of Afghan anti-war MP Malalai Joya, Ahmed concludes:

The deeply moving story of Malalai Joya highlights that the West should not only be fighting in Afghanistan to protect its citizens, but should help in implementing justice for the Afghan people; justice that they so desperately seek and deserve.

Ahmed was clearly banking on her readers not following the link to the actual interview. Because in it Joya refers to the Western occupation as an ‘enemy’, and tells the interviewer:

If she were president of Afghanistan…she would ask all foreign troops to leave immediately. She says that it is wrong to say Afghanistan will simply collapse into civil war if that happens. “What about the civil war now?…The longer the foreign troops stay in Afghanistan doing what they are doing, the worse the eventual civil war will be for the Afghan people.”

The Afghan public, she adds, are on her side, pointing to a recent opinion poll showing 60 per cent of Afghans want an immediate Nato withdrawal.

I was myself smeared by the website after I signed a petition started by Anna Baltzer calling on Facebook to correctly identify Jewish settlements as being based in ‘Occupied Palestinian Territories’, as recognized by international law, rather than as in Israel. My other crime was to accurately summarize the conclusions of a book on Hassan Nasrallah (which apparently made me a terrorist sympathizer) and to accurately write in another review that the Save Darfur Coalition was established in July 2004 through the combined efforts of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and the American Jewish World Service (which apparently made me an anti-semite).

I don’t presume Al Jazeera will be hosting a member of the BNP as a legitimate commentator on any subject. Why then is it giving a platform to a right-wing extremist without alerting viewers to the nature of the operation she represents?

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One Response to Spittoon’s Houriya Ahmed: a sister for non-violent extremism

  1. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Wow. Heil Houriya!


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