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Zulfikhar Bhutto on the new Hitler, Mujib

A fascinating comment by the secular Zulfikhar Ali Bhutto on Mujibur Rahman, the Hitlerian leader of “Bangladesh”: “This is drawn from Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s The Great Tragedy, which was Bhutto’s take on the 1971 civil war (published in 1971). Pay … Continue reading

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Understanding Spittoon’s ‘morality’

Where Muslims watching porn is worse than non-Muslims committing genocide. What a news week it has been! The big story was the capture of Europe’s most wanted man Ratko Mladic, responsible for, amongst other things, the worst genocide in the … Continue reading

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Spittoon’s Abu Faris spills the ful

on rival site Pickled Politics about why he decided to flee the Islamic republic of Sudan. Equal parts hilarious and tragic…like the man himself: AbuF — on 25th May, 2011 at 6:05 pm ‘epilepsy, says her aunt, Jo Taleb, is … Continue reading

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‘The Mujtahid and the Munafiq Midget’

Another caption competition .Featuring Mr G and Rashad Ali erstwhile Quilliam mujtahid. You lucky, lucky people.

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Heresy ISN’T another word for freedom of thought…..

….when it comes to heretical ideas about Faisal Gazi’s favoured dogma – that the 1971 rebellion in East Pakistan was a ‘genocide’. Witness Spittoon’s vicious attack on Sharmila Bose after we published her brilliant work on the 1971 Khariji rebellion … Continue reading

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Faisal Gazi: new head of al Qaida?

This brilliant satire was sent to us by disillusioned Spittoon insider: Faisal Gazi: new head of al Qaida? Now that it’s head Osama Bin Laden has thankfully been dispatched, Al Qaida is looking for a new leader. It could do … Continue reading

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Fight the Powerbase ! Faisal Gazi and Spittoon running scared

Well, well, well. Seems our humble little blog is ruffling a few feathers at Spittoon HQ. After our reposting of the brilliant Spinwatch demolition of Spittoon and its far right anti-Muslim extremism, they responded with this truly feeble effort A … Continue reading

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