Fight the Powerbase ! Faisal Gazi and Spittoon running scared

Well, well, well. Seems our humble little blog is ruffling a few feathers at Spittoon HQ. After our reposting of the brilliant Spinwatch demolition of Spittoon and its far right anti-Muslim extremism, they responded with this truly feeble effort

A few points:
1) In typical Spittoon style they completely failed to address the facts produced by Powerbase and instead indulge in ad hominem. As Sunny Hundal said about Faisal Gazi, in what is rapidly becoming the standard industry definition of him :

‘And anyway – I’m not going to take advice from a cunt who yesterday said I was fully endorsing Cage Prisoners despite me writing the opposite. You can’t read Faisal and your advice is not wanted. Fuck off. Can you not get the message?’

2) The main point of attack seems to be tenous links Powerbase has with one Kevin Mcdonald who is alleged to have some strange, heretical views about Jews. However since Spittoon support heresy (their tagline after all is ‘Heresy is another name for freedom of thought’) why don’t they applaud Mr Mcdonald and his views rather than condemning them? After all had he been saying the same about Arabs or Muslims, they would have been lauding him to the skies and promoting his work !

So why are ‘heretical’ views only acceptable about Arabs and Muslims and not about others?

3) For Spittoon to condemn others for extremism is deeply hypocritical given their direct links to and sourcing articles from, anti-Muslim extremists like Douglas Murray, Harrys Place, the Brussels Journal and Front Page magazine etc.

4) Moving to the article itself ‘Effendi’ i.e. Faisal Gazi writes:
‘The Spittoon has never been “run” by “members of Centre for Social Cohesion” nor by members of the “government funded Quilliam Foundation”

Spittoon’s editor Houriya Ahmed of course is a researcher at the far-right Centre for Social Cohesion !!

5) Faisal, sorry Effendi, continues ‘They have consistently attacked and smeared specific Muslims (such as Ed Husain, Shiraz Maher and others) seemingly because they are opposed to anti-semitism or are opposed to Hamas and other theocratic genocidal Islamist movements in general’.

Rank hypocrisy of course because as we have seen Spittoon supports extreme anti-Muslim movements as well as theocratic groups (as long as they aren’t Muslim) such as extremist Zionist Orthodox Jews and Hinduvata groups, either directly or by omission and failure to condemn their extremism.

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