The Spittoon ‘British’ Munafiqoon for Israel

Nothing illustrates Spitoon’s status as an extreme right wing, neo-con, anti-Muslim hate site more than it’s attitude to the apartheid state of Israel. Despite numerous atrocities and illegal occupations Spittoon never ever condemns Israel….while of course condemning Muslims for doing far,far less.

Examples of this:

1) Linking to bizarre, extremist, non-entity groups which share their Zionist ideology such as British Muslims for Israel

2) Public support for the Zionist state:
‘But let’s be fair to HP. They’re not against all Muslims. For example they enjoy a warm relationship with Faisal Gazi of The Spittoon, whose contribution to a recent Q&A with the visiting Bangladeshi foreign minister, I’m told, was to put his hand up and demand when the government of Bangladesh would recognise Israel.

Now, that’s the right sort of Muslim’

3) It’s extreme anti-Arab racism (remember the Hasbara principle: ‘Whatever makes the Arabs/Muslims look bad, makes Israel look good’), hosting posts from a racist named Abu Wanabee Arab and racist articles such as Arab role in slave trade

4) Links with anti-Muslim Zionist blogs like Harrys Place, rather than the many moderate Zionist organistaions which campaign for fairness and equality for all in the Middle East such as Jews for Justice for Palestinians or Failed Messiah or Jews Sans Frontieres

Spitton and Faisal Gazi…truly extreme Zionism’s ‘Muslim’ figleaf !

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