‘The Mujtahid and the Munafiq Midget’

Another caption competition .Featuring Mr G and Rashad Ali erstwhile Quilliam mujtahid. You lucky, lucky people.

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8 Responses to ‘The Mujtahid and the Munafiq Midget’

  1. Abu Fasiq says:

    “Hands up if you use right guard….!”


  2. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    “Rashad with all those Quilliam millions thought you’d at least be able to get your teeth straightened!”

    “How did you get yours so straight Faisal”

    “Free of charge! From years of sucking off far right zionists and other fellow Muslim haters!”


  3. asi says:

    “Debate those who insult Islam” but anyone who posts anything against us will be deleted!!!


  4. S Gazi says:

    Wow Faisal’s found the only man on earth smaller and more uglier than he is!!!


  5. Hamza al Muhajiroun Jihadi, Luton says:

    “At last the she male midget porn picture is downloaded! …Oh my God…that is truly truly sick…that’s the most repulsive thing Ive ever seen!”


  6. Fasiq Gazi says:

    Al Mujtahid RA “I’ve made ijtihad and come to the conclusion that Faisal Gazi is an ugly midget Muslim hating munafiq”

    Rest of the ummah “There’s no need for ijtihad on that. There’s already consensus on that!!”


  7. Abu Faris says:

    ā€œI will always be there for my little boy. He is everything I haveā€˜.ā€


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