Understanding Spittoon’s ‘morality’

The Spittoon's fantasy for Western Muslims..

Where Muslims watching porn is worse than non-Muslims committing genocide.

What a news week it has been! The big story was the capture of Europe’s most wanted man Ratko Mladic, responsible for, amongst other things, the worst genocide in the continent since WWII. Even the extreme Muslim haters at Harrys Place found space to briefly comment

So what did Spittoon,self styled representives of Muslims, do to commemorate this momentous event?

Answer: Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. They completely ignored this genocide.

Presumably they were too busy, work commitments and all …………except during that time they managed to publish articles on such major topics as Muslims watching porn,engaging in conspiracy theories , beating up RE teachers, and saying nice things about Hamas.

Far, far, worse crimes I’m sure you’ll agree than genocide.

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7 Responses to Understanding Spittoon’s ‘morality’

  1. Al-Qanaas Al-Masri says:

    You completely miss the point about Spittoon. We are paid to whip up hatred of Muslims. End of. Publishing an article on Mladic might remind people what the actual end result of such endeavours will be, and that’s the last thing we want to do.


  2. Well well. Suprise, Suprise. Shortly after this post and a full 5 days after the event ,Spittoon decided to post this -with a title which fits them more than anyone (witness the zero coverage of the recent Bosnian genocide Spittoon has given, versus it’s numerous articles on the 40 year old 1971 war in East Pakistan)

    The Appeasers of Ratko Mladic

    The article states “This article by Ben Cohen is cross-posted for the benefit of the “liberal” left, the inveterate Chomkyists and the self-loathing Islamists who opposed the bombing of Serbia by Nato forces in 1999,”

    Which “Islamists” (i.e Muslim groups) opposed intervention to stop Serb genocide?

    The only people we can think of that did are Spittoon’s pals at Harrys Place who publically
    abused Muslims who fought against the genocide of Bosnia’s Muslims!
    without the least criticism from Spittoon!!


  3. Seriously who are the Spittoon trying to kid? The pro-Hamas speech article was posted on the SAME day as it was published on Harrys Place. Likewise the article about Iranian conspiracy theories. The article about the Tower Hamlets RE teacher was also published on the same day as it was reported in the Telegraph.

    And what was on the Telegraph’s front page that same day (26 May 2011) ?

    Yep a story about Mladic’s capture which they deliberately ignored!!!

    Yet 5 days after the event and only after your site mentioned it, did they post an article about their genocidal non-Muslim brother Mladic!!!


  4. Spittoon insider says:

    Al Qanaas is right. Spittoon are never going to criticise fellow non-Muslims. It’s the code that non-Muslims live by whereby they never ever criticise their “brothers” no matter how evil or wrong their actions are. However had Mladic been a Muslim they would have published tens of articles attacking him. As it is they only decided to print one measly article attacking him, late in the day, when their munafiq cover might have been blown.


  5. Arif says:

    “The Spittoon’s fantasy for Western Muslims..”

    Whoah that’s a bit extreme….


  6. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Arif no it isn’t. Spittoon believe “”Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board”: and this is just the end result of their philosophy.

    We shouldn’t be suprised, after all Der Stürmer had numerous self-hating Jewish writers. Likewise Spittoon, the modern day Der Stürmer, employs people with Muslim names to cover it’s anti-Muslim agenda.


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