Zulfikhar Bhutto on the new Hitler, Mujib

One People, One Nation, One Leader

A fascinating comment by the secular Zulfikhar Ali Bhutto on Mujibur Rahman, the Hitlerian leader of “Bangladesh”:

“This is drawn from Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s The Great Tragedy, which was Bhutto’s take on the 1971 civil war (published in 1971). Pay particular attention to the question of how much of himself Bhutto saw in Mujib. I find the stuff about being a “Messiah”, a fashionable socialist, a hateful rhetorician, and a captivating public speaker…ironic:

“With such powerful support and the genuine grievances of East Pakistan to play upon, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman unleashed hatred against West Pakistan. He blamed West Pakistan for everything. Although he called himself a socialist, instead of attacking the system of capitalism, he attacked the people of West Pakistan. He used every means to mobilise the people of East Pakistan. Riding on the high crest of Bengali nationalism, and with a number of jail terms to his credit, this Bengali leader raised the emotions of his people to a frenzied pitch. The cry of Six Points reached a frightful crescendo. He went about like a Messiah telling the poverty stricken people of East Pakistan that their salvation lay in Six Points — that Six Points meant the end of exploitation by West Pakistan. He cleverly concealed his true intentions in an atmosphere of hatred. The language and methods were of fascism. Six Points became a hymm of hate and the Awami League leader sang it with magnetic resonance. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was a spell-binding orator. He used his political skill with a mastery no Bengali leader to this day has rivalled or surpassed”.


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6 Responses to Zulfikhar Bhutto on the new Hitler, Mujib

  1. bananabrain says:

    really shocking. just as hitler did with the jews and spittoon and it’s allies do with the muslims, mujibur rahman whipped up extreme hatred of pakistanis to fulfill his nazi agenda. to think the world said after the holocaust “never again” but then allowed mujibur rahman , the new hitler, to rule.


  2. They even agree with you about the Far Right Nazi nature of Beggardesh. Check out the latest post:

    “Teardrops of the Karnaphuli
    By AVICENNA | Published: MAY 31, 2011
    As Bangladesh lurches to the far-right and denies full citizen rights to its indigenous minorities under the Awami Leagure government, “


  3. Tabassum Mostafa says:

    I was wondering if Zulfikhar Ali Bhutto had compared SMR to Hitler, on record.
    Or if you know of anyone, politically famous had done so, publicly or on record?

    He was right to do so!

    Thank you 🙂


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