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Spittoon contributor calls for genocide of Western Muslims

Plus ça change …it is after all what the Spittoon and it’s allies are all about Mongol division Posted June 25, 2011 at 6:59 AM | Permalink Wilders is a Hero. What have muslims brought to Britain, two percent of … Continue reading

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And the Weiner is…..

This one had us humourless Islamofascists at SW chuckling into our beards and niqabs in our plush Saudi funded offices. After shura we felt it deserved top spot for it’s brilliant accuracy in summing up what Spittoon and Faisal Gazi … Continue reading

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Open caption competition 10-2

It’s Top 10 time! Yep these be da picks of the bunch 10)From Muta’tazal 9)From Rabbi Rean Karnated 8)And from another religious figure, this time a Catholic: Nun May Speaktheirminds 7) From Faisal Hates Arabs 6) From Osama Bin Gawli … Continue reading

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Open caption competition 20-11

We’re in Top 20 territory now…exciting …no…? 20) From Douglas Curry: 19) From “Spittoon Loves Serbs” 18) From S Gazi 17) From “Geert Wilders Fan Club: Spittoon division” 16) From “Uncle Daud” 15) From the Swami League, Beggardesh 14) From … Continue reading

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Open Caption Competition results: 30-21

We’ve been asked to mention the names of those who submitted the photos. Apologies for the oversight. Here are nos 30-21: 30)From bananabrain’s mum: 29)From Bongobondhu Mukti Bahini, Dhaka, East Pakistan 28) From Umm Amina – a former Salafi sister: … Continue reading

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Open Caption Competition results: 41-30

Well at long last , and better late than never, here are the results of our long awaited Open Caption Competition. A big thank you to all of you who responded. We’ve had great fun going through your highly inventive … Continue reading

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Faisal Gazi: Anti-Arab racist

Faisal Gazi: anti-Arab racist Ever wondered how a writer as talentless as Faisal Gazi managed to get so prominent? Such that he is commisioned to write pieces for the Guardian and is lauded by the anti-Muslim Zionist blog Harrys Place? … Continue reading

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