Israeli Rabbi forbids Jews to let apartments or sell property to non-Jews

And you thought that the Nazi era was over?

From the Freethinker website (with thanks to Spittoon for the hat tip-though you’d never see such an article on Spittoon, which is, after all, an anti-Arab racist hate site):

Mad rabbi’s racist ruling turns Israel’s ‘holy’ city of Safed into a ticking bomb

bananabrain's dad

TENSIONS are rising in the Israeli city of Safed, following a recent edict issued by Safed Chief Rabbi, Shmuel Eliyahu, forbidding Jews to let apartments or sell property to non-Jews because:

It causes evil and makes the public commit the sin of intermarriage.

The apartheid edict issued by the state-funded fascist rabbi sparked a disturbing racist campaign. According to this report, following news of a plan to establish a medical school in Safed which would admit Arab students, flyers were circulated by some sort of “campaign headquarters,” declaring:

The smokescreen called a medical school obscures an evil scheme: to establish a refugee camp for psychotic, sadistic and debased Arabs, whose deceptiveness is, and always has been, aimed at tempting [Jewish women] and cruelly abusing them. On orders of the great rabbis of Safed, may they be blessed with a long life, we declare our protest and vehement resistance, and reiterate that it is forbidden under the law of the Torah to offer these people apartments for sale, rent, work or any form of entry. Our city will not succumb to wanton behavior – go back to your own locales and do not defile our camp.

Soon after, according to a report today in The Age, Israeli psychology student Osama Ghanaim was woken by a mob of 60 ultra-orthodox Jews chanting ”kill the Arabs” outside his apartment.

Then they stoned my house. Rocks broke through my front windows.

After the crowd dispersed, Ghanaim, one of 1,400 Arab Israeli students enrolled at the Safed Academic College, found a poster on his front door warning him to move out.

The poster said they would set fire to the house, so I called the police. The police took four hours to come to my house, and they did nothing. I have not heard a thing from them since.

One of Judaism’s four “holy” cities, Safed has been the centre of ethnic tensions in recent weeks after Eliyahu issued his ruling.

Only 70 Arab students are living in private accommodation in Safed, a city of 32,000 Jews – a third of them ultra-orthodox. Another 120 are living in dormitories provided by the college, while the remaining 1200 commute from nearby Arab villages.

Said Ghanaim:
Here at the college, we Arabs get on very well with the Jewish students. Many of us have Jewish girlfriends, and I think this really is the problem. The Jewish people who live in Safed don’t like to see Jewish women with Arab men.

Last Friday – two months after his apartment was damaged during a riot against Arab students living in Safed – fellow student Mustafa Ali woke to find his car had been trashed.

All the windows were smashed, some of the tyres had been cut, and the words ‘Arabs out’ were spray-painted on the front of the car. He said:

What is next? Are we made to wear a green crescent on our coats so everyone knows we are Arab Muslims? Why are these people not being stopped?’

Ali and Ghanaim took The Age on a tour of the Safed campus, identifying sites where anti-Arab graffiti – such as “death to Arabs” and “Arabs go home” – had been painted over by administrators. Benches in the park adjacent to the college had been painted with the words ”Seating for Jews Only”.

Despite sending shockwaves through Israel’s secular political establishment, with many commentators likening the edict to Nazi Germany’s anti-Semitic Nuremberg Laws of 1935, Rabbi Eliyahu’s edict received the immediate backing of 75 rabbis across Israel. At last count more than 300 rabbis – most of them in positions funded by the state – had added their names to the edict.

Said the Arab Israeli MP Ahmed Tibi;
Fascism has raised its head in Israeli society.

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