Open Caption Competition !

It’s Friday, Friday (as Rebecca Black so memorably said) so it’s caption competition time here at SW.

However this week there’s a twist! Below is a template for this week’s caption. All you have to do is:

1) Download the picture
2) Add your caption
3) Send us the result!

Winners will be announced next Friday , God willing.

Remember to be as cruel as you possibly can cos, after all, the subject of the caption states “Heresy is another name for freedom of thought” and of course, publically “Free Speech will dominate the world: All may speak their minds

So please, take him up on his claim and speak your mind. Don’t worry about offending.

Recall that Spittoon has continually supported artists rights to deeply offend others:

Defend Kurt Westergaard
Index On Self-Censorship?
Pakistan’s jihad against the Internet
The Competing Intolerances of India

Here’s our own humble effort , see if you can do better:

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