Germaine Greer on the myth of Pakistani rape in the 1971 war

Slowly but surely, despite years of Bangali supremacist propaganda, the REAL truth of the 1971 war is now coming out. One of the main myths that is being dismantled is that the Pakistani army committed mass rape in East Pakistan.

Here is legendary feminist Germaine Greer on the BBC’s Question Time last Thursday pointing out the falsity of this claim. She mentions the 1971 war after 1:18 minutes:

Sadly the video was posted by Bengali supremacists hence the false title. Given Spittoon’s support for heresy though, we look forward to their whole hearted defence of Ms Greer.

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2 Responses to Germaine Greer on the myth of Pakistani rape in the 1971 war

  1. They’ve responded to your post with a vicious misogynistic attack on Greer
    It’s funny how the site has just become a response to this one. They should change their name to Spittoonwatch Watch!

    Some brilliant comments on the thread by “Agha” which Spittoon will no doubt delete:

    “Funny how the good folks who run this site are against Leftism in the West but all for it in majority Muslim countries. A bit inconsistent, no?

    “Sad to see that Far-Left Muslims feel the need to bend over to people who, overwhelmingly, harbor anti-Muslim and anti-Arab prejudices (see Zogby polls of Republican opinions of Muslims and Arabs, for a telling proof).”


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