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Spittoon’s San Ander-as fault

It’s been the big story of the last few days. The terrible terrorist massacre in Norway by gunman Anders Behring Breivik, which has killed 93 people and counting. Even the obsessive Muslim haters at Harrys Place, who Spittoon frequently co-ordinate … Continue reading

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Drishti Prat!

It’s you know who, fourth from left, testing out his acting skills on an unprepared public. Captions please…….

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‘She doesn’t say much but she does a lot’

Well I guess that’s what happens when you’re married to a misogynist.So here we do our bit for another woman oppressed by Spittoon’s misogyny. Profile of Leesa Gazi of Drishipat: Leesa Gazi ‘Very few outside London knows Leesa’s contribution towards … Continue reading

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Rais Bhuiyan and Faisal Gazi: Two responses to tragedy

How do we react when faced by tragedy? This is a question that defines us as human beings. The true Muslim reacts by forgiving those who have wronged them. The munafiq (hypocrite) reacts with bittereness and hatred he carries throughout … Continue reading

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Understanding Faisal Gazi’s Psychology

What makes people evil? What motivates extreme hate mongerers? It’s a question that has intrigued philosphers and theologians since time immemorial. As for us at SW we prefer rather than to just take the lazy tabloid route of branding people … Continue reading

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Ode to Faisal

A brilliant satire of the Brown Sahib Mr Gazi (under his old nom du guerre Sid) posted on his old site Pickled Politics by fugstar: An Ode to Sid Faisal bin Saud, Was a bit of a toad, Brown face, … Continue reading

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The Lies and Contradictions of Faisal Gazi part 1

Of what may well be a very long series since Mr Gazi frequently contradicts himself. Here’s a prime example (within 4 hours) from his time at Pickled Politics spotted by Ravi Naik: Ravi Naik — on 30th April, 2009 at … Continue reading

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