Keep yer Sunny side up!

It was the Spittoon Caption Competition that never was. A post featuring Spittoons Faisal Gazi’s ex boss at Pickled Politics, Sunny Hundal, which appeared then dissapeared from the Spittoon site.

So, in the interest of promoting the free speech and heresy Spittoon so often speaks of, we’ve made Mr Hundal the subject of the latest caption competition. Apologies to bananabrain for posting it on the Shabbot- but it’s a caption competition for the progressive generation……

A) Features Sunny with Belle de Jour author Brooke Magnanti

B) Sunny with Zoe Williams of CIF

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6 Responses to Keep yer Sunny side up!

  1. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Belle “Sunny bet this is the first time you’ve met someone like me”
    Sunny “No way! I used to work with neo-con Zionist whore Faisal Gazi”


  2. Abdul Hamid al-Manchesteri says:

    Caption B: Sunny Sugar: “Faisal Gazi…you’re fired!”


  3. Funny Sunny says:

    Zoe: What’s Faisal Gazi doing in here? Didn’t he see the sign “No ugly midgets allowed to enter”

    Sunny: I’m sure he did but remember…he can’t read (c)


  4. Abu F says:

    I’m going to post a comment insulting Sunny in the worst way….then go on PP and take part in their debates. What a total hypocrite I am

    Abu “anti-“Islamist” choosing to live in an Islamic State” Faris


  5. Marwan says:

    Zoe “Is it true you split with Faisal Gazi for sectarian reasons?”
    Sunny “Yes Im a Sunny and he’s a total Shiite”


  6. Abu says:

    Faisal Gazi’s thought: ”Not fair! Sunny gets a white woman and I get stuck with Leesa ‘monkey face’ Gazi”


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