Gazi vs the Guardian

In response to our expose of his extreme anti-Arab racism Faisal Gazi the publically declared ‘anti-racism activist’(sic) has responded by posting a three year old article from the Guardian about Gulf Arab racism . As if the undoubted existence of racism amongst some Gulf Arabs somehow excuses his own vicious complete anti-Arab racism!.

His use of the Guardian is perhaps not suprising as he has written three articles for them (all Islam/Muslim related of course, as this is the self-confessed apostate’s obsession).

Indeed there appears to be quite a fruitful association between the Spittoon staff and the Guardian with articles written by bananabrain (uncharacteristically deploying the use of Caps Lock), Houriya Ahmed and Abu Faris, under his real name Mark MB Jefferies .

However things are more complex than that. Despite being given space to vent their anti-Muslim screeds, Spittoon are still very critical of the Guardian, since it also defends Muslims, rather than as Spittoon and it’s allies want ‘making conditions harder for them’

It also commits the greatest crime in Spittoon and other neo-cons eyes, of exposing Israeli atrocities and mistreatment of Palestinians (who after all are Arabs, the same group Spittoon is consistently racist about).

Hence we have articles on the Spittoon attacking the Guardian for opposing the neo-con agenda such as The Guardian’s Miserable Hat Trick and
Guardian censures Quilliam Foundation for doing its job!.

See also this article Jonathan Githins-Mazer: The Islamist Patsy
and A reduction of reality at the Guardian? and an article attacking Madeline Bunting for the crime of….. defending Islam! as well as a snipe at erstwhile boss Sunny Hundal .

As the Powerbase also note: ‘In response to Peter Oborne’s Channel 4 documentary about the Israel Lobby, the blog posted a response which mostly excerpted a Community Security Trust (CST) blogpost.[50] In the documentary Alan Rusbridger, the Guardian publisher, had recounted being rebuked harshly by Gerald Ronson, the head of CST, for publishing an article critical of Israel.[51]’

Indeed the Spittoon’s anti-Arab racism is further explored by the Powerbase in it’s attitude to the I/P conflict:
Zionist Orientation
Though The Spittoon tries to present a liberal image, this is not so clear from its attitude toward Israel-Palestine. As of 5 January 2010, it has 13 articles filed under “Israel/Palestine” and 29 under “Human Rights”. None of them has anything to say about Palestinian rights; most of them attack people who support Palestinian rights. There is nothing on the website that shows whether it accepts the the international consensus on the conflict enshrined in International Law. Its co-editor Faisal Gazi also joined the Zionist right to allege that the activists murdered by Israeli forces on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla were ‘linked to terrorism.'[35] Indeed, from its various posts on the conflict the implied position is closer to that of the Zionist right. While the website has on several occasions shown concern for the well-being of “innocent Israelis”[36][37][38], as of 6 January 2010 it has yet to make a single reference to “innocent Palestinians”, the foremost victims of the conflict. The only times Palestinians are mentioned in the role of victims is in the context of a report on right-wing settler death threats against Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak.[39] The website has also channelled the rightwing of the Israel lobby in denouncing Caryl Churchill’s acclaimed play Seven Jewish Children as ‘dodgy’ (with a link to Harry’s Place).[40]

As Abdurrahman Jafar says, on one of the rare critical comments allowed through, ‘Faisal – I can’t believe you write for the Guardian”!


See also UK’s House Muslims and their Neo-Con Connections

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