Drishti Prat!

It’s you know who, fourth from left, testing out his acting skills on an unprepared public.

Captions please…….

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8 Responses to Drishti Prat!

  1. Abdul Hamid Al-Manchesteri says:

    hahahahahahahha….what a CUNT!!


  2. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Woman on Gazi’s left: ‘You know I’m a Muslim woman and shouldn’t be holding hands with a non mehrem’

    Gazi’ It’s OK….I’m not a Muslim!’


  3. Bangladeshi historian says:

    ‘It’s OK ladies I’ll save you from the leagues of Pakistani army rapists…….who exist only in my head!’


  4. Muslim says:

    Gazi” So I’ve finally died . I wonder what will happen to me now and what will be my eternal resting place for insulting the Quran and Islam. Oh I can see it now….oh my….those flames do look hot!”


  5. banana brain says:

    the entire readership of spittoon goes out for a walk


  6. Abu Faris says:

    Hey maybe we can pick up Fox News even here. The woman next to me’s ears can act as a antenna!


  7. Effendick says:

    “These are my four wives- from left: Leesa,Banchod ,Bodmosh and…oh shit!”


  8. Faisal Midget says:

    “Look mummy…. I’ve found the only three people in the world shorter than me!”


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