‘She doesn’t say much but she does a lot’

Well I guess that’s what happens when you’re married to a misogynist.So here we do our bit for another woman oppressed by Spittoon’s misogyny.

Profile of Leesa Gazi of Drishipat:

Leesa Gazi

Moaner Leesa?

‘Very few outside London knows Leesa’s contribution towards Drishtipat. That says volumes about Leesa. She doesn’t say much but she does a lot. Over the last year and a half, Leesa has been the creative light behind Drishtipat London. A group theatre worker in her Bangladesh days, Leesa, along with Eeshita, has been steadily building DP Creative, a cultural organization for social change, in London. DP Creative has already made quite a name for itself here but more importantly the kind of loyalty and teamwork that Leesa has been able to foster through her personal relationships with the members in London is something to learn from. Leesa’s creative vision elevates Drishtipat’s causes to a new dimension and creates an appeal that would have been otherwise unmatched by write ups and speeches’.

see also (with added bindi!):

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2 Responses to ‘She doesn’t say much but she does a lot’

  1. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Woof Woof…..what a dog!…….lucky she doesn’t live in al Quds or a Jewish court might stone her!


  2. Naem Mohamen says:

    Abu you haven’t shagged her…she’s a fantastic lay. If you don’t believe me ask the hundreds of other guys who’ve also had her!


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