Spittoon’s San Ander-as fault

Spittoon's Latest Pin Up ?

It’s been the big story of the last few days. The terrible terrorist massacre in Norway by gunman Anders Behring Breivik, which has killed 93 people and counting.

Even the obsessive Muslim haters at Harrys Place, who Spittoon frequently co-ordinate with, have responded with some very good articles on the tragedy:

Anders Breivik and the ‘Islamisation’ Myth
Anders Behring Breivik said Muslims threatening youth & wanted to establish Norwegian EDL

And what of our friends at the Spittoon? Not a sausage. Nil. Zilch. Nada.
Why on earth would this be?

One reason may be that such events throw uncomfortable light on the extreme anti-Muslim hatred sites like Spittoon propogate and also its affinity with the thought of people like Brevik.

This NYT times article points out the influence of anti-Muslim ideaologues like Robert Spencer on Brevik. The same Mr Spencer who writes for Front Page magazine that Spittoon’s Abu Faris regularly quotes from.

Brevik also buys into the far right notion of Eurabia. Abu Faris’ quotes from websites which posts articles like this
and subscribe to the Spittoon/Douglas Murray notion that ‘Conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board’

Comparison with coverage of terrorist attacks by Muslims

It has now been three long days and Spittoon still hasn’t posted a single article about. They HAVE however posted an article attacking an Indian Muslim Zakir Naik for ….making factual errors. How does this lethargy contrast with their response when a Muslim is thought to have committed a terrorist attack?

Well take a look :
BREAKING NEWS: Awlaki directed attack on Delta airlines
Breaking News: Pakistan Mosque Attack Kills 30
BREAKING NEWS: Attempted Terrorist Attack on Delta Airlines
BREAKING NEWS: ‘Yemeni authorities are hunting for Anwar al-Awlaki’

Yep when a Muslim is involved in a crime they post immediateley about it. When a fellow anti-Muslim is involved they are silent.

Well perhaps they want to avoid the embarresment of their buddies at the Quiiliam Foundation whose alerts of course blamed Muslims sorry ‘Islamists’.

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