Cheers Abu Fasiq!

Here is Spittoon’s Abu Faris pontificating on the delights of drinking alcohol over at Harrys Place:

Poor Umm Faris!

Beer in the struggle against Islamism in Egypt
Guest Post, September 13th 2011, 11:00 am

This is a guest post by Abu Faris:

‘A couple of commenters mentioned that I had written, in passing, that I liked a pint or two of the ice-cold-in-Alex falling-down potion here in Alexandria. “Oooooo,” they ominously hooted, “You won’t be allowed to do that soon. The religious police will get you. Oooooo.”

One commenter, differenced from the common herd by his very individual mental horizons, asserted that I would have to grow a big beard, lock up the wife and have her slaving over a hot pregnancy whilst I was down the mosque. “Ooooo. They will close all the pubs and bars. Ooooooo, it will be like Saudi.”

Well that sobered me up, because it does have a very large degree of truth to it. If the Muslim Brothers do take over in Egypt, it will be final orders at all my favourite drinking holes in this surprisingly regularly and widely sloshed Arab country. As a memorial to these soon to possibly vanish dives, dens, shacks in banana plantations and old-lags-out-for-a-walk-with-the-dog stop-over centres I present the following homage to the drinking holes of Cairo’.

I am passionately fond of one bar in Cairo, very close to Tahrir Square. If you do not know where it is, you will miss it. It is run by a formidable Greek Egyptian lady. Her daughter is often there too as the matriarch counts takings and flicks fag ash on the floor. It caters for all sorts beneath its non-functioning ceiling fans that may well have last rotated on VE Day. Old Armenians potter in for a quick one or two Egyptian lagers. Retired traders with family in Beirut or Syria’.

‘Even me, a stranger popped in, waiting for some documents to be authorised at the nearby Kafka-esque Mugamma, home of state bureaucracy. I am the stranger, so everyone talks to me. Who I am, what I do, where I am from… do I like Cairo? Yes, I will have more beer.’

‘Now these things (amongst others) I am afraid the grim-faced, bearded kill-joys of the Muslim Brotherhood think they know better than me about. Do they? Like fuck they do. When was the last time they got hepatitis as a result of drinking ‘araki made from ,scrap iron, socks, dates (allegedly) and clearly polluted Nile water? Never. They don’t drink. They have no idea the sacrifices I have made to keep the culture of drunk alive in Darkest Islamia. Will I get a medal? No. If they have their way they will drag me down the nearest Cop Shop and whip me to a pulp. I know this because this happened to a friend of mine in Khartoum, when he was found by the religious police chatting quite earnestly to himself by the roadside one evening.

I am going to a bar in Alexandria tomorrow. It opened in the 1890s. It is run by Muslims, the same family since the mid-’30s. They bought it from the first owners, Greeks. It sells ouzo and has proper crisps and everything. I want to talk to them about pickled eggs and how they see these delicacies fitting in to their scheme of things. These things give me hope as well as Dutch courage.’

Of course Abu Fasiq has form in this area. Witness his comments on Spittoon’s article of kufr The History of Alcohol in Islam

Abu Faris
Posted July 9, 2010 at 1:25 AM | Permalink
Make mine a treble!

Abu Faris
Posted July 9, 2010 at 1:40 PM | Permalink
Yea, Yeasin, don’t be such a tight-wad! Get them in… mine’s a treble!


Abu Faris
Posted July 10, 2010 at 4:55 AM | Permalink
So much for the ‘araki drunk from one end of the Arab world to the other, the buuz knocked back in vast quantities in Egypt and the Merrisa consumed all over Sudan.

Naughty Arab Muslims drinking all that alcohol.

Mine’s a treble!


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2 Responses to Cheers Abu Fasiq!

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  2. Voice of Reason says:

    One of the things I first noticed about Ben was that although he claimed to be a Muslim he in no way lived like one. Smoked during Ramadan, drank heavily, associated with those who committed adultery and never prayed with his colleagues. He also had a strange distaste for other converts who were genuine and practicing Muslims. So why did he convert? I’m afraid that in his case it may have been due to his desire for attention. That may at heart be the reason for his deliberately negative attitude towards political Islam. Stop feeding the troll!!!!


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