Life’s a beach……

When you work for misogynists who won’t let you write anything.

Poor Houriya..she’s all at sea:

Captions please.

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4 Responses to Life’s a beach……

  1. Phoaar!! “CONDITIONS” for this Muslim in Europe just got A LOT harder looking at this picture!!!


  2. Faisal Gazi's wife says:

    Is there any way of making the picture bigger? It’s even smaller than my husband’s dick!


  3. Abu Wanabe Arab says:

    Haha Mrs Gazi nothing is smaller than Faisal’s dick!. By the way are we still on for Friday night?


  4. Faisal Gazi's wife says:

    ” By the way are we still on for Friday night?”

    HELL YEAH! My husband’s leaving about 8pm so come after that. Have brought loads of condoms for you and those teams of hunky Punjabi Pakistani guys you’re bringing with you! Oh and remember to bring some KY Jelly if you want to enter through “the back door” 😉


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