teh miseducation of bananabrain

that's not frummy!

in one of his tedious unreadable entries spittoon’s banana brain highlights an anti tv diatribe written by some fellow obscurantists orthodox jews
unfortunately, this is not haredi satire…..

however the least we can say about these haredis is that they can spell…which
is more than can be said for banananabrain..witness his misspelling of an (admittedly highly complex) word in his article on the london riots:

‘at the risk of sounding like somewhat of a “fanboy”, as i believe it is called on teh interwebs,’http://www.spittoon.org/archives/10338

perhaps you mean ‘the interwebs’ bb…….

well we can hardly blame bb or the rest of the spittoon geniuses- after all it is only the most common word in the english language

tablighi jamaat

sadly bb’s (and spittoon’s) ignorance doesnt stop there. in his latest not very impressive effort apparently we’re all robert spencer now, according to the weasels at “spinwatch” , responding to the latest expose of spittoon and it’s far right anti-muslim allies from the excellent powerbase site, he seems under the impression that tablighi jamaat the notoriously apolitical islamic group are “islamists” (i.e politically active muslims). well we cant really blame bb for his ignorance since he isnt a muslim unlike faisal gazi and abu faris (cough).

he is brought up on this issue by george

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Largely agree, but not with designation of Tableeghi Jamaat as Islamists, that’s more than debateable.

bb responds in true jahil spittoon style:

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it is? links please – and i will amend if convinced. heaven forfend that i should attack someone undeserving.



Dibby responds:

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Tablighi Jamaat are not Islamists nor are they politically active. So according to Miller, Sadiq Khan MP and Sayeeda Warsi are Islamists too.

Any Muslim worth their salt knows how apolitical the tabligh are (to the point that they are criticised by political “Islamist” groups like HT and the Muslim Brotherhood:

‘Many critics, especially those from Hizb ut-Tahrir and Jamaat-e-Islami, criticize Tabligh Jamaat for their neutral political stance. They say that Islamic forces, during their decisive conflicts with un-Islamic forces, could have gained reinforcement from the Tabligh Jamaat followers. They criticize the Tabligh Jamaat’s neutral attitude towards crucial issues like the introduction of an Islamic constitution in Pakistan (1950s), Islam vs Socialism (1969–1971), communal riots in India in 1970s and 1980s, the Khatm-e-Nabuwwat Movement (1974), and Nizam-e-Mustafa Movement (1977).[61] Tabligh Jamaat, in contrary, asserts that it is only by avoiding the political debates that the Tabligh Jamaat has been successful in reawakening the spiritual conscience of the followers. The apolitical stance also helped them operate in the difficult times, such as of Ayub Khan (1960s) and Indira Gandhi (1975–77), when other sociopolitical Islamic groups faced the restrictions.[61]’

well bananabrain isn’t a muslim so we cant expect him to know this- however faisal gazi and abu faris pretend to be (cough) so they should have told him. or maybe he could have referred to these non-muslims experts:

“As a result, academics tend to describe the group as an apolitical devotional movement stressing individual faith, introspection, and spiritual development. The austere and egalitarian lifestyle of Tablighi missionaries and their principled stands against social ills leads many outside observers to assume that the group has a positive influence on society. Graham Fuller, a former CIA official and expert on Islam, for example, characterized Tablighi Jamaat as a “peaceful and apolitical preaching-to-the-people movement.”[1] Barbara Metcalf, a University of California scholar of South Asian Islam, called Tablighi Jamaat “an apolitical, quietist movement of internal grassroots missionary renewal” and compares its activities to the efforts to reshape individual lives by Alcoholics Anonymous.[2] Olivier Roy, a prominent authority on Islam at Paris’s prestigious Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, described Tablighi Jamaat as “completely apolitical and law abiding”.”

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