Faisal Gazi’s China Syndrome

Spittoon has an article on the horrendous opression of Chinese Muslim’s religious rights during Ramadan. China’s Campaign Against Ramadan. This attack on China’s policy seems strange given that Spittoon’s Faisal Gazi shares its far left politics:

“According to his own account Gazi has a background on the left. He says he was ‘politicised’ at Leeds University after ‘coming into contact with the writings of George Orwell, Christopher Hitchens and Vladmir Nabokov’ and that he ‘was involved with the politics of anti-racism and the far-left in the 1980s”
Political views and influences

Gazi also subscribes to Douglas Murray’s policy that “Conditions for Muslims..should be made harder across the board” including the destruction of Muslims’ places of worship and prevention of them practicing their religion, as China is doing.

Likewise when Gazi’s pagan idol Bangladesh:

Sorry East Pakistan , implemented policies to restrict Muslim religious practice he was overjoyed:

“Bangladesh” bars enforced Islamic dress code

The friend of my enemy…

Why then this opposition to his Chinese comrades’ policies?

The answer comes within the article:
” Will this story be reported by the “revolutionary socialist” blogs who catalogue incidents of Islamophobia at either Islamophobia-Watch (“Documenting anti-Muslim bigotry”) or SocialistUnity? Unlikely, neither Islamists nor the far-left, in their efforts to attribute blame to incidents of draconian anti-Muslim bigotry include abuses by the PRC. Why the ideological selectiveness, you may ask? Simple, China isn’t Jewish Israeli enough for the Islamists to get their bilious juices flowing, and the British far-left just can’t bash the bugbears of “Western Imperialism” and “Zionism” when it comes to Chinese Islamophobia, they really are not that concerned about Chinese Muslims”.

Yep, because post 9/11, some members of the far left have not joined Gazi and co on the Muslim hating bandwagon and indeed as with the case of Islamophobia watch, commit the greatest crime in Spittoon’s eyes of defending Muslims against the anti-Muslim hatred promoted by Spittoon and it’s allies, they are to be vilified!

Indeed the first comment on the post seems to bear this out:

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well, they chinks aren’t that bad after all.

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