Me and Mrs Gazi?

It’s Naaem Mohaiemen occasional Spittoon contributor and Gazi family ‘friend’. 😉

Captions please….

For some of our younger viewers wondering what the title refers to:

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3 Responses to Me and Mrs Gazi?

  1. Faisal Gazi's wife says:

    “Oh god yes..harder Naeem..yes yes that’s it..fvck my dofla hetta …yes yes…you are so much better than my husband..” oh sorry everyone forgot I was in public..thought it was my bedroom at our house!


  2. Family friend says:

    This is old news. The couple aren’t constrained by traditional religious morality, which they see as backward, so have an open relationship. That is after all the progressive thing to do!

    Unfortunately though she gets it a lot (much more than he does). He is stuck with sucking off Muslim haters for free!


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