Turning over a new leaf on the Middle East?

Spittoon has an eminently sensible post calling for the recognition of a Palestinian state by the whole of the international community. Simply A State for Palestine. Is this the start of a new trend of fairness from Spittoon? We’d like to think so but given it’s history and Faisal Gazi’s rampant anti-Arab racism, we doubt it.

Indeed the one sided closing remarks of the article seem to bear this out:

“There is a real possibility for the two states to exist side by side. This blog has been very vocal in its criticism of Jew-hatred and the demonisation of Israel, mostly from within Muslim discourse because that’s where we find most evidence of it in Britain. At the same time, we also want to see a state for the Palestinian people”.

Of course this from a blog which continually promotes hatred against the Muslim minority in the west.

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One Response to Turning over a new leaf on the Middle East?

  1. laura stuart says:

    The issue is how to bring an end to the Israeli state on the land that is Palestine. The land is Palestine – the people are Palestinians the only problem is the State of Israel once that collapses Jews Christians and Muslims will live peacefully side by side on the land again.


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