The Indignity of Faisal Gazi

Spittoon has an article on the touching dignity shown by Tariq Jahan. father of two men murdered during the recent riots in the UK: The Dignity of Tariq Jahan.

As Effendi (Faisal Gazi) comments:

Watching the quiet dignity and generosity of Tariq Jahan has been a humbling experience

Though sadly not a learning one. While Mr Jahan, a devout Muslim, has reacted to this terrible tragedy with the Quranic teaching of repelling evil with good, much as fellow devout Muslim Rais Bhuiyan did, Faisal Gazi has done the exact opposite in his life.

Mr Gazi’s Khawarij cousin was killed by Muslims in East Pakistan in 1971 when Gazi was a little boy (1 or 2 years old, so he clearly didn’t remember it). This event has led Mr Gazi to nurse a lifelong extreme hatred towards all religious Muslims and the religion of Islam.

Tariq Jahan’s actions yet again show the superiority of faith in encouraging people to forgiveness versus the lifelong bitterness that has infested the faithless Mr Gazi.

As the writer A N Wilson said in the Daily Mail:

By his religious response to his son’s death, he humanised not only the dreadful and immediate tragedy. He showed us that without a religion we are all less than human.

Is there any more damning indictment or accurate description of Mr Gazi’s character?

You won't be smiling on the Day of Judgement!

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