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With Helloween fast approaching, various idiots are putting on ugly masks in order to scare the public. As the mujtahid and David Toube look away in terror ,seems Shaaz Mahboob of the BMSD is about to become a victim of … Continue reading

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Is a city in Mr Gazi’s birth place Pakistan Its also a good summary of his understanding of the country, as a couple of recent posts show. For example in Jamaat seeks Presidential pardon for Mumtaz Qadri He falsely writes … Continue reading

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Love/Hate Preachers

As we have seen, when it comes to fellow non-Muslims being allowed to preach hatred against Muslims and Islam, Faisal Gazi is effusive in his support: “The Quilliam Foundation also denounces the Dutch politician but its reaction is measured, balanced … Continue reading

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Faisal Gazi, the Brussels Journal and Lord Ahmed’s 10,000 men

An article from Mr Gazi’s time at Pickled Politics which reveals his extremism, complete lack of journalistic ethics and hatred for even moderate, mainstream Muslims The context is the visit of Geert Wilders to the UK to screen his film … Continue reading

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Open Joke Competition

We’ve reached 100 posts! Time to celebrate! To do so, and following the massive success of our Open Caption Competition, here is an innovation from SW ..its our inaugaral “Open Joke Competition”. The subject we want you to send us … Continue reading

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Now who should Muslims trust again?

How about a Zionist extremist who goes to anti-Muslim tabloids with stories designed to whip up hatred of Muslims ,who publically attacks Muslims for defending themselves against genocide and has written hundreds of anti-Muslim articles? Or how about a self … Continue reading

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Gissa Job!

Economic times are hard. So it pays to advertise……

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