Hunting Bunting


In the Muslim haters' sights

As we have seen Spittoon has launched a vicious attack on Guardian journalist Madeline Bunting

Now why would this be? Is it because she is a woman ? Or maybe because she is white ?

Well maybe…but the real answer is of course that Ms Bunting, like Bob Lambert, is a fellow non-Muslim who defends Muslims rather than demonising and attacking them as Spittoon does. As her citation at the Muslim News awards commented:

Madeleine Bunting, a columnist for The Guardian, is among a handful of leading journalists covering Muslim issues with objectivity and balance. Based in London, she has written extensively on the war against terror and on Afghanistan, and draws clear distinctions between fact and popular fallacies regarding Muslims.

Here is an article she wrote whose title essentially sums up the Spittoon/neo con philosophy: The venomous media voices who think no Muslim is worth talking to

She also wrote an article on how Muslim women see Islam as liberating Can Islam liberate women? while of course the misognyists and apostates at Spittoon claim the opposite in this attack on Bunting:
Islam’s Attitude to Women

Here are fellow Islam hating extremists at the far right New English Review: The Guardian’s Madeleine Bunting is another girlish swooner

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