The Past is a Foreign Country….

“they do things differently there”. So said the writer L.P Hartley

And as Spittoon honcho Faisal Gazi said about his own foreign country, “Bangladesh”:

“I went back to Bangladesh in 1991 to see if I could use the skills I’d gained. I got a job at Unicef, gathering data for its programmes. I also tried to set up an e-commerce website for a publishing company, but became disillusioned by the business culture, which is quite risk-averse….. I couldn’t use the skills I’ve gained in Bangladesh”.

The first quote is important to consider when looking at Spittoon’s latest “expose”:
Bob Lambert Exposed as Police Spy

The Spittoon argument seems to be this; because Lambert was a spy on campaigning groups in the past his current work defending Muslims from Islamophobia today must somehow be discredited.

Daud Abdullah in the Guardian brilliantly refutes this and explains what motivates the attack:

The “exposure” of the former special branch officer Bob Lambert comes at a convenient time: it can serve as a distraction from the scandals that have engulfed the neocon tendency in the government. Lambert has been a staunch critic of the government’s Islamophobic rhetoric and exclusivist policies. This, to a large extent, explains the excitement that has greeted disclosure of information about Lambert’s past career among certain people.

These people seek to achieve two things: to assassinate Lambert’s character and discredit his academic work. Both will fail.

Those of us who worked with him during the difficult decade after 11 September 2001 always knew he came from a police background, and specifically the special branch unit. It was no secret. If at any point he was involved in the infiltration of legitimate protest and political groups while being a special branch officer, then that was wrong. That being said, the political authors of such a policy should bear the full responsibility for it and not any single officer.

What has stood out about Lambert has been his commitment to peace, justice and social harmony. He was never as preoccupied with words as he was with deeds. Hence he entered into partnerships with almost everyone who was committed to these ideals.

The Spittoon do seem rather obsessed with Mr Lambert, this being the 7th (count em), article attacking him they have published in less than a year:

The Wrath of Plod (or ex-plod Bob Lambert) 5 Oct 2011
Bob Lambert is wrong about Raed Salah – hate preacher 2 Jul 2011
Lambert: So Wrong On So Many Levels9 Feb 2011
Lambert and Githens-Mazer: Lutfur Rahman and Hizb ut Tahrir 1 Dec 2010
A Dummy’s Guide to Lambertism 23 Oct 2010
Why Lambert and Githens-Mazer are wrong on radicalisation 21 Oct 2010

If the cap fits…

However let’s apply this “logic” of past actions meaning present culpability, to Spittoon and its groupies:

Faisal Gazi

Today a neo con whore supporting US wars in Muslim lands exposed as a rabid anti-American extremist:

“For example you forgotten to include in your sweeping surmise that the
USA (a Christian Democracy) has been involved in 42 wars and conflicts
in the last 40 years. This is a record of violence unbeaten by any
country, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever takes your

It may be that you do not wish to include the USA in your statistics
because you are not willing to bite the hand that feeds. I can only
congratulate you then on your caution”.

David Toube

He of Harrys Place infamy, known for his extreme position vis a vis the I/P conflict exposed as a supporter of the Palestinian right to return!:
Fancy That – David Toube Signs up to Return Statement!

Abu Faris

Well known Sot, Spittoon regular and Muslim hater who in a former life posting as Khartoumi (named after his abode)/Man in the Iron socks was notorious for his extreme anti-Israel attacks on forums like MPACs and the Guardian’s Comment is Free:

13. 4 June
The truth about Khartoumi – IronSocks = Jeffries
Another commenter protesting abt terrorist websites is deleted

Comment No. 1397557 June 4 15:49
To Khartoumi/Ironsocks
As you’re calling for public denunciations of extremist, lets start with a real one, YOU.
On June 24, 2007 5:48 PM posting as Leper, YOU sent a link to the Al Qassam site, this site has a lovely “martyr” section, CIF couldn’t delete it fast enough. Was that because of the Anti Terror Act 2006.
You are an extremist, either that or certifiable, this site has banned you more times than any other poster in their history. Someone must like you because here you are as obvious as ever. It could be worse Mr Jefferies, you could be teaching an unsuspecting sixth grade in the UK instead of at the Trinity High School, Khartoum.
Wonder should I send some of your earlier material to your employers, run by a charity isn’t it, if I can get them to publicly denounce and dissociate themselves from you.
Go on, run off crying to the moderators. Whaaa-whaaaa-weaaa. You are an extremist that CIF chooses to still allow a registration from. Why is that, Mr Seaton, answer that before you delete another post for this disgusting person. Remember Mr Seaton, Everything in my post is documented and true, delete mine, delete all his but remember I asked, why is this freak still wrecking sensible discussion on what’s supposed to be a public political forum with his should-be padded history. He doesn’t change, after Al Qassam the coppers should have been brought in. Why weren’t they?
[Offensive? Unsuitable? Report this comment.]

Here are some choice anti-semitic comments from Abu Faris on the MPAC forums:

Now, let’s be fair: we might also raise a few eyebrows at a Jewish G-d who on a number of occasions called for genocide against whole other peoples (Amalek, for example); or a Law that includes injunctions to stone adulterers to death and is fairly wrathful about those who would dare to mix wool with other fibres…

But that is not the point is it? The point is to find something with which to bash Muslims and Islam – despite the fact that fairly uncomfortable passages may be cherry-picked from all the other world religions’ scriptures too.

First off, it’s not Jews per se who are concerned with any linkage between Islam and neo-Nazi Holocaust denial; it is a particular sub-set of especially militant revisionist Zionists who are promoting, along with this false equation, a mythical “clash of civilisations” thesis concerning Islam and the West.

This pseudo-thesis pretexts Israel’s role in the Western Asian region, thusly, as a “bastion” or “vanguard” of Western values in a region of purported Islamic savagery, populated by teeming hordes, allegedly ready at the drop of a turban to be astride their war camels, a-waving their fiercesome scimitars, and heading for Vienna and all points west to conquer the world…

Israel’s do-or-die supporters thereby promote Israel as the “first line of defence” in this entirely imaginary and entirely self-serving “clash of civilisations”. It is the interests, these extremist Zionists believe, to therefore everywhere pain Islam in the darkest, least attractive manner and everywhere associate it with reaction and barbarism.

It is about time that the Waqf Committee for al-Aqsa started to take a more proactive attitude to the continued attempts to (at times literally) undermine the endowed lands under its juristiction. For too long the Waqf Committee has been obsequious in its atttitudes to the Israeli authorities and has towed the Jordanian government’s line at all times.

But as we’ve come to see with the Spittoon it’s one rule for them and another for the Muslims……..

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2 Responses to The Past is a Foreign Country….

  1. spittoon insider says:

    LOL they’ve responded to your article with a racist attack on Daud Abdullah.
    They should change the name of the site from Spittoon to Spittoon Watch Watch!


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