Now who should Muslims trust again?

How about a Zionist extremist who goes to anti-Muslim tabloids with stories designed to whip up hatred of Muslims ,who publically attacks Muslims for defending themselves against genocide and has written hundreds of anti-Muslim articles?

Or how about a self declared apostate who continually mocks Islam and attacks Muslims in the most extreme way?

Or someone like Bob Lambert who defends Muslims, gaining extreme criticism from the above Muslim haters.

Wow… tough call……

Original article:
Do You Trust Bob Lambert?

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2 Responses to Now who should Muslims trust again?

  1. Curious says:

    Just found this strange blog. Don’t think I’ll be back. However, one wonders why you are so bothered about people despising Islam. I can’t see anything remotely Islamic about this website.


  2. laura says:

    Does Toube post on H.P. as Lucy Lips?


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