Is a city in Mr Gazi’s birth place Pakistan

Its also a good summary of his understanding of the country, as a couple of recent posts show. For example in Jamaat seeks Presidential pardon for Mumtaz Qadri

He falsely writes “Jamaat-e-Islam Pakistan are calling for their assassin, Mumtaz Qadri to be pardoned by presidential decree”.

Oblivious to that fact that Mumtaz Qadri is a Barelwi , the same group whose Imam Ahmed Raza Khan, Spittoon promotes, and not a member of JI

So why on earth bring in the Jamaat? Well of course because they killed his khawarij uncle.

He also writes about Baluchistan here

Why doesn’t the Balochistan cause attract popular support?

but the post is riddled with schoolboy errors as Asad Baloch points out:

“Dear Sir
I Dont know if i should say Thank You or should i say Sorry, there are many mistakes which i think should be corrected immediately, 1st Baloch are not predominantly Shia, although some are forcefully converted because of repression from the Irani Dictatorship Government but all to all Baloch are not Shia Muslim, we are Sunni’s. Balochistan is a vast land divided in 3 parts, one part which was pieced and merged with AFGHANISTAN under the false pretense of Durand Line, 2nd Pakistan repressed Balochistan [Which is 100% Sunni Baloch] and 3rd comes the Irani occupied Balochistan who’s center is Zahedan [Yes Zahedan is part of Balochistan & Chabahar Port also] under the Irani Occupation some Baloch were forced to turn their religious identity and “repent” under Shia Occupation, and not only that Baloch have migrated to many Arab Countries Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Saudia & American Continents so this much proves that Baloch arnt Shia Predominantly.

The other error which i want to specify is the Big Paragraphs taken from Government of Balochistan in Exile Blogpost, neither Baloch nation has any link with this shadowy Government Blogpost nor we support its charms because this was created by a Baloch Group who are very much under the spell of Pakistan and created this Government which support Israel and resides in Jerusalem, we have nothing against Israel but we cant support a Blogposted Government who’s mentor hides his real identity even from us Baloch. So i would request you to correct the errors because this is no way to give information to unknown public who will take the negative picture.

Thank You
Best Regards
From Balochistan”

D’oh…or as Abdurrahman Jafar so rightly said: ‘Faisal – I can’t believe you write for the Guardian”!

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2 Responses to Faisal-a-bad

  1. Abu Wanabee Arab says:

    He claims he was born in “Bangladesh” when he was born in 1968..before it even existed!!!
    Truly a miraculous birth


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