Love/Hate Preachers

As we have seen, when it comes to fellow non-Muslims being allowed to preach hatred against Muslims and Islam, Faisal Gazi is effusive in his support:
“The Quilliam Foundation also denounces the Dutch politician but its reaction is measured, balanced and throws down the challenge to Wilders for an open and public debate on his brand of neo-Nazi politics”.

Well of course he has publically declared this:

However with typical hypocrisy when it comes to a Muslim and an Arab deemed a hate preacher , Mr Gazi demands his ban, in true tabloid syle:
Raed Salah: Kick This Racist Scum Out Now

Not to mention others, solely Muslims of course, that Spittoon has demanded be banned.

While of course opposing bans on racist Muslim haters…..

Can we say it, all together now: Gazi is a

Dictionary definition of Faisal Gazi and Spittoon

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