With Helloween fast approaching, various idiots are putting on ugly masks in order to scare the public. As the mujtahid and David Toube look away in terror ,seems Shaaz Mahboob of the BMSD is about to become a victim of one of them….

Captions please

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3 Responses to IT’S BEHIND YOU!

  1. Faisal Wanabee Hindu says:

    “Oh Shaaz you’re a Pakistani so that means your my boss! I’ll work as your underling at BMSD and do whatever you say master!”


  2. qidniz says:

    Why has Gazi got that idiotic grin on his face?
    Think it’s cos he’s put his dick in Shaaz’s arse
    That would indeed explain the look on Shaaz’s face!!!


  3. Faisal Gazi's wife says:

    qidniz that’s bull. Faisal’s dick in so tiny you don’t even notice it entering you!! I should know

    This is a typical marital night for us
    Faisal (triumphantly) “So how was that shag my darling..thats the longest Ive ever lasted …a whole minute!”
    Me “What you mean you entered me ?”
    Faisal (crushed in embarresment)


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